Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Ireland-Day 19- August 23, 2023, Dublin - A Blessed Day

 Today was a truly blessed , sunny day in Dublin- in the 70’s- perfect weather. Hundreds of people were out and about. See our pictures below.

After breakfast, we went to the most awesome museum I have ever visited! We had. A 2 hour tour of the EPIC Museum- the Irish Emigration Museum which provided  moving presentations in video /and photos of  inspiring stories of the Irish who traveled the world from early times to recent times. It was most dramatic, interactive approach that I had ever experienced. I would rate it as #1 and would plan to spend more time to linger over each time period.

Keep in mind that our family emigrated from Ireland in 1956. So this story is also part of our story and  stir  a powerful memories of leaving Ireland and beginning a new life in the United States in 1956.

Then, our bus driver dropped us off near Trinity College and we ate lunch in the Kilkenny House. We spent the next several hours strolling down Grafton Street. I saw a sign that pointed to St. Teresa’s Catholic Church. So, aware the St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron of women’s ordination because she felt called to be a priest and wanted to die at age 24- the age men were ordained to the priesthood,  we went in  to this beautiful monastic Church with gorgeous art and stained glass windows. We prayed for the growth of our Roman Catholic Women

Priests Movement  and for healing for those who have asked for our prayers.

We then  walked to St Stephen’s Green where the pigeons and children were having fun playing! Lots of people were enjoying a break from the bustling crowds on the  streets.   After we ate our ice cream cones there, we slowly walked back over the River Liffey to O’Connell Street and then to our hotel.

We ended our day by having supper with our RCWP sisters, Juanita Cordero and Penny Donovan.  As we blessed our food and each other  we all agreed that our journey together  around scenic, magical Ireland has been the dream vaccation!

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