Thursday, August 25, 2022

Ireland- Day 20- Journey Home

At 8:30 am,  Mickey Nolan, our fabulous bus driver, who gave us a mini- course on the history of each place we visited around Ireland - and entertained us with interesting stories and funny jokes-  picked us up for a quick drive to Dublin airport. He introduced us to his sweet boxer, Lola, who greeted each of us🐕

We were delayed in Dublin because there was a sick child on board and the  family and their luggage had to deplane. The rest of the flight went well.  Upon arrival in Newark, we remained seated until a medical team removed a passenger who was having symptoms of a heart attack.

 Jim Marsh ARCWP , our dear friend ,picked us up when we arrived in Newark “schlepped “ our bulging luggage to his awaiting SUV in the parking lot.  Then Jim drove us  through the congested major highways around New York and got us to Albany around 10:00pm.

 We quickly jumped into bed after an exhausting but wonderful day of travel home.

Leaving Ireland on United flight from Dublin 

Flying into Newark 


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