Monday, August 22, 2022

Ireland- Day18- August 22, 2022-Waterford, Dublin

 Today we  left a lovely family-run hotel, Dooley’s in Waterford .I really enjoyed the delicious dinner- salmon- last evening.  On Sunday, we celebrated a liturgy in a quiet corner in the lobby before dinner and 2 women from our trip joined us.

We drove to Dublin. Most of the tour went to Guinness Brewery, but , I decided to do a walk- around Dublin.

I began by visiting the Catholic Cathedral, then strolled around O’Connell and Henry Street.

It was warm day -plenty of sunshine  -such fun, and I walked 4 miles!


 Statue in front of Cathedral in Dublin of two courageous people who were imprisoned for hiding priests during penal code. They have been declared Blessed by the Church.


Gresham hotel- we walked into the lobby to take a photo of this awesome glass ceiling display 

Evening at Merry Ploughboy Pub near Wicklow

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