Monday, September 14, 2015

Church Teachings Devoid of Love & Compassion by John Chuchman

Church Teachings devoid of love & compassion...
So many Church teachings
seem void
of the Love and Compassion
taught and lived
by Jesus.

They speak not at all
to where people are
in their lives
futilely applying universal mandates
to each and every
human situation.

They ignore Conscience
the true cornerstone
of Faith,
and were instituted
at times
and for reasons
no longer valid.

Rather than applying
universal top-down rules
to peoples' situations,
Jesus applied
Situational Ethics
bringing simple Love and Compassion
to every situation He faced.

For Jesus,
Community was formed
through Loving and Compassionate actions,
in essence,
from the bottom up,
rather than applying
top-down dogma and doctrine
to members of a community.

It seems as though,
doctrine, dogma, rites, rituals,
are created for the benefit (power and control)
of the hierarchy.

Love, John
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