Monday, September 14, 2015

"You Gave the Virgin a New Heart' by Giulia Bianchi, -the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement, Photos by Award Winning Photographer and Journalist

(Update: 215 in international women priests movement serving  over 75 communities, Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,,

"The priesthood of women is prohibited in the Roman Catholic Church.
Since 2002 illicit ordinations of women priests and bishops are happening. Roman Catholic Women Priests movement counts over 150 ordained women priests, many mature theologians and former nuns, and their numbers continue to grow.  All have been excommunicated for breaking the Vatican law.
Disobeying a patriarchal law to follow the call of God, they ask for the spiritual equality of men and women to be recognized. Inspired by prophets and mystics, against clericalism and power, they open their communities to divorced, gay, and all those whom the Church does not invite to their Eucharistic table. I was shown a model of world where if there is no justice for the smallest and the weakest, then there’s no justice at all.
To me those women are a symbol. They are showing us the primacy of conscience and how to renew our own tradition.
Since 2013 I met more than 70 women in United States and Colombia. This year I will travel to Germany and South Africa."

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