Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Woman Priest, Rita Lucey, ARCWP, Challenges Article "Demonizing Women" in Philadelphia Inquirer

Your continued demonizing of women in the article on the ordination of women bishops and the conference on W omen’s Ordination to be held in Philadelphia makes me sad
In a July 2010 Vatican letter that addressed homosexuality, pedophilia and women's ordination, the fact that all three appeared in one document and was erroneously interpreted does not mean this absurd connection between pedophilia and the ordination of women as equally grave  needs to continue.
Pedophilia has damaged hundreds of thousands of young men and yes, young women, by destroying trust in the males appointed to positions of authority as priest.. How does one measure the depth of the damage that this sin of pedophilia has caused and continues to cause?. Pedophilia inflicts emotional death upon children, and upon the families of these children. Pedophilia continues to inflict mental anguish well into the next generation as adults try to come to grips with a betrayal that is so much a part of memory , this betrayal of trust by one that we were taught to esteem.
The women's priest movement offers a nurturing presence, the inclusiveness of Eucharistic celebrations, the homilies that address the here and now, and reflects the spirit of Christ as it came to us in the Gospels when he surrounded himself with women and men.
It is unfair and poor journalism to continue to make this connection between pedophilia and women priests. I urge you to read the original documents rather than take this inference for granted. It is indeed unfortunate that three 'grave' matters were included in the same document but certainly no reason for this misinformed interpretation.

Rita Lucey, ARCWP
Orlando, Florida

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Walt Sandell said...

The true 'Delecta Gravia' is the refusal to ORDAIN WOMEN!'