Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gallery of Mary, Mother of Jesus in Priestly Vestments

Visit www.WomenPriests.Org Website for the most comprehensive history, theology, and arguments for women priests. Catholic children  of my generation were not taught about this age old tradition in the Baltimore Catechism! I don't think Catholic schools today teach this information either, but, it is all on the internet!  
Mary possessed a priestly status equivalent to that enjoyed by bishops and ministerial priests. This conviction has not only been expressed in writing, but in Church art.
Mary wearing a bishop’s pallium (6th to14th centuries)
This is highly significant, for only bishops were allowed to wear the ecclesiastical pallium. And they wore it only when exercising their distinctly priestly ministry at the Eucharist or during solemn liturgies.
The images are from:
San Vincenzo in Rome, 6th century
Parenzo, Croatia, 6th century
San Venanzio in Rome, 7th century
Santa-Maria-in-Porto, Ravenna, 6th or 7th century.
Archbishop’s Chapel, Ravenna, 11th century
the Basilica at Torcello, 12th century
Serbo Campagnano, Italy, 13th century
Santa Maria , Rome, 14th century
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