Monday, August 29, 2016

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Flood Victims Need Help, See Letter from Sister Chris Pologa, CSJ

Dear Sisters, Associates and Friends,

Greetings from flood-ravaged Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As you know from watching the national news, we were hit with a devastating and unprecedented flood. I am safe, with minor water damage to my apartment, Thanks be to God. I have lost food, electronics and material possessions: all of which can be replaced. 

An estimated 50 percent, or 500 of our students, and another 20 percent (33) of our staff have been totally flooded out. Some have only the clothes they are wearing during evacuation while others escaped with a suitcase and their vehicle. The waters are slowly receding (daily T’storms are NOT helping -- but that is South Louisiana weather). We are moving from the rescue phase into the RECOVERY phase. This is where we need your assistanceNo amount is too small or too big when you have nothing. PLEASE HELP.

We are a resilient people and will pull together and help each other. But we need the assistance of the wider community. If you feel called to help the “dear neighbor,” here are some suggestions:

PRAYERS: for recovery, electricity, food, water, hot meals, shelter, patience, peace

·         Donations: Gift cards to the following
Lowes                                      CVS
Home Depot                            Rite Aid
Costco club                              Academy Sports
Target                                     JC Penney
Sam’s Club                              Family Dollar
Walmart                                  Dollar General
Walgreen                                Dollar Store
Bed, Bath and Beyond
·         Checks made out to SJA Disaster Relief
Sr. Chris Pologa, CSJ
SJA Disaster Relief

Thank you so much and God Bless.

Sister Chris Pologa, CSJ  

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