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Elena Palace Margot tells us
                      Elena Palace Margot tells us

Margot History is not shame, is DIGNITY!
A single woman with children of 52 years.
He came to the city displaced by threats.
To save their children from hunger and stigma Society and Religion had been tattooed soul! Six times he crossed the threshold of El Pedregal ...
He reached the Embroidery Hand Foundation, where he worked assembling plates for cars. Good worker, he yielded to the fullest.
She herself told us, "there ... I made more money than here." It is true, he was not even here to a minimum, because there could be more. Margot goes on to tell, "but here, I have peace and quiet, accept me, support me. Here I have the power I are looking for, now I will take ... "
Since the foundation, she was placed in a fixed manner to work in a company, as is done with all. But Margot started not feeling good health and to the disabilities that did not allow him to do his job, was deteriorating every day, with its ups and downs in recovery.
Several times we visited him at the clinic ...
His great concern their daughters / os not lost sanity and placing them courage to go to each and every one, especially the two smaller ... the child and Paulina. All of them / as lived very proud.
Even when he could move, he was always by its Food Aid, accompanied by Paulina (little girl).
With it we learned, their ability to dignify their responsibility to their children / as, their solidarity with their colleagues in neighboring Foundation and the neighborhood where he lived.
She was a woman, anxious and concerned about the pursuit of Divinity.
That was Margot. Our solidarity greeting to his mother and his family. Same for Alejandra, Margot and Pauline who shared at home, their last days. Alejandra, (daughter) we thank you on behalf of Margot care for having so warmly, like her neighbors, Mrs. comadre Miriam and her sister Irene, who also cared for her at home, in the neighborhood lived.
Our loved ones / as well as Margot, still shining, absorbed / as by Divine Energy, these / os, continues to make us their light. The image of God, still present among us / you through the memory. Their energy comes alive. Life of the Divine Essence, which invites us every day to be in Divine Presence reminding us always give thanks for the life. Life does not end here.
Margot receives the Eucharist in her sickbed.
                   Margot receives the Eucharist in her sickbed.
"Since none of us lives to himself, of us dies to himself. That as we are of God, if we live for the Lord live, and if we die , we die for the Lord" Romans 14: 8

  • Roman Catholic presbyter.

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