Tuesday, August 30, 2016

COLOMBIA.TAGANGA: CON GRAN MOVILIZACIÓN Taganga salió a protestar by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP


THE MOVILIAZACIÓN  the taganguero people, motivated by 
concern for solving their problems, the streets of the city 
during yesterday was taken and held sit - ins 
in front of the mayor and the governor.
The criminalization of fishing and demolition of properties 
in the resort, institute the main focuses of attention 
that the taganguera community asks the administration provide a solution. BY 

With a march from the resort of Taganga to the historic center 
of the city, residents in this area of ​​District asked the 
Mayor and the Police, as Natural Parks, solutions to the problems currently faced.
The march was peaceful, demanded respect for the rights of the 
community of fishermen, all residents of Taganga and mejore4s 
public services. Protesters made seedlings in different parts of the city, including the courts, offices of National Parks, the Mayor 
and the Governor of Magdalena.

 , veedor 
Taganga who participated yesterday 
in the protest of the 
people of this district.
The Committee for the Defense and Dignity of Taganga, led the great mobilization of taganguero people to express their disagreement with the actions of the authorities to their community on issues related to 
fisheries, work, respect for human rights, standardization water 
and 19 kiosks were demolished.
They also raised the deficiency on public services, stigmatization 
of victims as it is considered that their teenagers are engaged in child prostitution and drug addiction and conviction of two humble Taganga fishermen for alleged illegal fishing; Cota 40, evictions and demolitions 
that have occurred in the area, rebozaron the patience of the Taganga.

  ended up off the premises of the 

Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta, where leaders c
alled for greater security spa and stop being stigmatized by the authorities
Carlos Perdomo, overseer of Taganga, said "we need to build the health center because we are giving the'paseo of muerte'. 
The claims also are directed to the Metropolitan Police for as the people of Taganga have stigmatized women because cataloged as women engaged in sex work something false they ask to be given decent treatment in particular to the authorities policivas.
"The abuses being committed by the District, Metropolitan 
Police and the same State, who have been systematically 
displacing the people of Taganga" said Perdomo.

With banners
 , the protesters said they are tired of the 

exploitation of the land, security problems and 
stigmatization of girls as sex workers.
THE Taganga
Officials of the district administration and Colonel Carlos Pena, operational commander of the Metropolitan Police met with the leaders of Taganga to try to find solutions to the problems of this community.
Local authorities seek to improve the quality of life of these 
families not to continue to suffer the same problems, 
therefore, work tables will be created towards 
taganguera engage in dialogue with the community.

A group of policemen
  of the Mobile Anti was present to prevent public disorder at the Palace of District Government.
Socialized MEASURES
In order to guarantee the tranquility of the people of Taganga, the District Administration socialized with leaders of the judges measures and operational control being done to mitigate sprawl of buildings and improve the livability in the area.
The District answered the call that was made through a demonstration by the inhabitants of the area and met with the Ombudsman's Office and members of the Community Action 
Board of the jurisdiction where it was established that the annoyance of some people was due to misinformation 
which it was generated on the operations carried out in the area during the weekend.

  they came walking from the resort to the courts, then arrived at the offices of National Parks and ended their demonstration in the premises of the District Mayor.
During the roundtable held the morning of Monday, the 
secretaries of Planning, Government, DADMA and Ministry of Security, with Metropolitan Police cleared them more than 
15 leaders attending the meeting that at no time the 
Administration has even contemplated the possibility of massive demolitions in Taganga.
They were also explained that the objectives of the operation is to control the indiscriminate urban disorder housing that is showing up in high-risk areas and environmental reserves, such as hillsides and Dumbira park,
It was also said that the administration of Mayor Rafael Alejandro Martinez aims to give an order to the village of Taganga 
and organize with the support of its people.
The community leaders who attended the roundtable 
were satisfied with the given information, and asked to continue working for the development of the township.
To further ensure the transparency of control processes 
that are run from the Administration concerted 
allowed a further meeting with the inhabitants of Taganga, where not only attend some leaders but the whole community.

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