Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Finding Middle Ground by Lynn Kinlan

Finding Middle Ground
by Lynn Kinlan

They say that where rage meets fear and when bigotry faces off against resentment,
there’s Middle Ground.           
Largely unseen, like a middle child and underappreciated like a middling grade, this
sacred sweet spot supposedly beckons me.           
From this distance, it appears unassuming, but up close the middle ground is alleged to be
brimming with decency and kindness.
I’ll believe it when I see it.

Right now, the surety of my higher ground feels so very safe and right.
Adrenaline pulses hard and fast. My anger helps me feel entitled.
My truths about the past are still kicking, a refuge for my despair.
Pride is a powerful elixir.

And yet…standing justified and superior is a lonely posting.
If I am more right than everyone else, am I not alone?
I have an idea about this Middle Ground I’ve heard about;
there, no one is alone.

Look, there’s the Good Samaritan and the parent of the Prodigal child drinking Cana wine!
They’re surrounded by three wise men, homeward bound by a different route.
The first one resembles Nelson Mandela and the second one, Harvey Milk.
As the third removes a turban, I realize it’s Harriet Tubman.  She’s the one who has
the directions that will get them home.
Back from the cemetery, a joy-struck woman enthralls them with some piece of good news.

I imagine they’ll move over and make room for me in the middle.
If only I could dare to be their companions.

Lynn Kinlan is married with Bernie Kinlan and together they are the proud parents of three handsome young men.  Lynn is a member of the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community of the NYS Capital Region. She is retired from full time teaching and is currently teaching writing at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY.

Lynn and Bernie presiding at Upper Room Liturgy, Troy, NY

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