Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Shaming is Sinful: in Support of Shelly Fitzgerald, Who Was Put on Administrative Leave Because of Sexual Orientation, Letter to Editor by Mary Weber ARCWP , Indianapolis Star
Shelly Fitzgerald poses for a photo during an interview surrounding Fitzgerald being placed on administrative leave as a counselor at Roncalli High School, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018. An unknown person voiced concern about Fitzgerald's sexual orientation, prompting a chain of events that resulted to the disciplinary action by the Catholic school.  (Photo: Robert Scheer/IndyStar)

Dear Editor,
The recent Roncalli High School controversy has caused me to write. The Roman Catholic Church does so much good and is experienced as vibrant and life giving to many members. However, some of the teachings especially regarding sexual orientation are harmful and completely out of touch with the lived experience of its many members. One can use Scripture verses to justify one’s position on any topic. The shaming and calling sinful the lifestyle of LGBT individuals is counter to the Gospels and the message of Jesus. Countless suicides occur annually because of a young person’s dealing with his or her sexual orientation. People do not choose this orientation, they come that way into the world. These individuals are beloved of God. Those with “same sex attraction” are to be cherished and affirmed as they live their journeys with integrity and honesty. The Church must recognize this truth and stop demonizing them. If ever the Catholic Church needs to open a window to the Holy Spirit, it is now. Most lay persons are ready, it is the leadership that lags. Let us join in hope and prayers for a new day!

                                            Mary Weber

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