Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Message of Love and Support from the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community to the Congregation at the Tree of Life Synagogue

We are an inclusive Catholic Community in Albany, NY who is praying and standing with your community and the families of the victims in this difficult time. Grieving is surely one of the hardest tasks that living faithfully asks of us. We pray that you may be blessed with the time, space and companionship that will enable healing.

You carry within the trust of being a Covenant people, inheritors of an ancient kinship with Our Creator and the Diaspora of Jewish believers; may the belonging and trust of this Spirit and your faith bring you comfort and the strength to persevere.

In the silence when words fail, may the touch of loving family and friends be amplified by the outpouring of empathy from our community and Americans everywhere. We stand in solidarity with you in defiance of the anti-Semitism and shocking violence that has occurred.

Contributions to assist the families of the victims and for rebuilding have been made by The Upper Room to the First National Bank of Pennsylvania.

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