Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thin Veil Moments by Joyce Rupp

Thin Veil Moments
By Joyce Rupp in Anchors for the Soul

Divine guest, 
present to us
especially in our “thin veil” moments–
those brief experiences
where heaven and earth meet –
thank you for the quickening of our hearts,
the silencing of our words,
when we briefly know you are “in this place.”
Thank you for those times
the then veil between us parted
and we knew your love inseparable from our own.

Today: I treasure memories of “thin veil” moments.

Prayer of Gratitude for Thin Places
By Joyce Rupp in Prayer Seeds

Holy Mystery, We come to an awareness of how close you are to us when we are swept into a place of “knowing” that lies beyond our rational control. Today we remember and bring our gratitude for those quickly fleeting glimpses of our deep and strong unity with you. We turn again to draw strength from the unexplainable sureness of your abiding love. Remind us of this glimpse on the days when our minds and hearts seem far from you. Wrap us in the memories of our thin places when we knew without hesitation that we were one with you.

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