Thursday, November 1, 2018

Nuns on the Bus Go to Mar-a-Lago for Tax Justice Truth Tour



On the Road to Mar-a-Lago

Dear Bridget Mary,
By this time tomorrow, we'll be on the final stretch of our journey to Mar-a-Lago to hold elected officials accountable and tell the truth about the damage of the 2017 Tax Law. Thank you for supporting us along the road by reading these updates, posting on social media, donating to our cause, coming to our events, and more!
With just about 24 hours left in our Nuns on the Bus Tax Justice Truth Tour, we wanted to make sure you heard about some highlights leading up to this moment:
We made a detour to Atlantic City, where we stopped by the former Trump Tower to see the impact of President Trump's failed business practices. We couldn't resist reading infamous "Trump Tweets" about the 2017 Tax Law while we were there!
By the way -- did you see some of our media coverage? It's been wonderful! Take a peek an article from The Nation (we had the reporter ride along with us!) and listen to our podcast recording with the young folks of Jesuitical, a podcast by America Media. 
We had a brief rest in Washington, D.C., but our hearts were heavy with the newsof the racially-motivated murder of two people in Kentucky and the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting as we traveled to Richmond

We heard inspiring words from Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, who said, "Democracy is what you put into it. You put in good, you get good policies and good leadership. You put bad in, you leave people behind."  It was a good reminder that for ALL our issues -- tax justice, poverty reduction, gun violence prevention, anti-racism, and more -- who we elect matters!
Yesterday, we had a long drive into Florida, so we used the opportunity to do a Facebook Live from the road. We sang, we answered questions from viewers, and hopefully gave everyone a peek of what bus life is really all about. 
All along our journey, we have met amazing people who said, "We're with the Nuns on the Bus!" We all know that the Nuns on the Bus is all about community, and we are grateful that you are a part of ours. NETWORK's blog has all the highlights from our tour. 
We are on the road to hold elected officials accountable for the harm they caused to our communities with the 2017 Republican Tax Law and attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. That means that we must VOTE on November 6 (or earlier)!
In your preparations for Election Day, remember that we have resources for you and your community. Read and share our Tax Explainer (complete with voting record for the 2017 Tax Law) and our create your own candidate side by side
In gratitude,
Sister Simone & the Nuns on the Bus
P.S. After the election, we still have a lot of work to do! Any donations you can contribute to help fuel our work for justice into the 116th Congress would be much appreciated.
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