Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Prayer at the Tree of Life Memorial Vigil Sponsored by the Venice Interfaith Clergy in Venice, Florida, Oct, 20, 2018 by Janet Blakeley ARCWP

Patricia MacMillan from Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community helped to put together this Interfaith Service honoring the victims of the Tree of Life  Jewish Community who died in Pittsburgh.The main speaker was Rabbi Howard Simon.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, right, of Tree of Life/Or L'Simcha Congregation hugs Rabbi Cheryl Klein, left, of Dor Hadash Congregation and Rabbi Jonathan Perlman

Prayer by Janet Blakeley ARCWP Oh, God –
In the deafening silence that followed the holocaust, many of us asked in small voices, “Where were you God?”   We fought down the feelings of betrayal, and spoke to the emptiness in the slim hope that you were still there.   In that time we came to sense that there was another side to you – not warrior, king, savior, but one who suffered with us.   And through that we came to realize to what degree you and we are one.   That when we are attacked, you are attacked, and when we grieve, you grieve.    So we believe that you grieve with the beautiful souls of Tree of Life Congregation and with all of us everywhere who cry this night.

O, God – I want to ask “Why does this keep happening to us?”   But there is a place in my heart not often visited where I know I am part of the cause - part of the humanity that doesn’t take responsibility for the well-being of my community.  I have not spoken up in situations that needed addressing, not gone the extra mile to build relationships, not shared all that has been given to me -  and in that way I have not strengthened the body of my community so that when one is feeling unloved, he will not give in to despair but turn to the person next to him for help – maybe me.

 God, I ask for comfort for the souls of those who grieve and rest for those who have died, but I also ask forgiveness for those of us who realize that we carry some responsibility for this tragedy.   Break into the stony parts of our hearts, so that we are inclined to be generous instead of self-centered.   Open our eyes so that we can see other people as your beautiful creation.   Make us fearless in addressing evil with your love.  
Thank you for being the god we know.   We love you.   Amen.
* Members of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests and Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community attended a Memorial Vigil for the Members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh who died, for the survivors, for the people of Pittsburgh, and for the Jewish people everywhere. 

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Beautiful message! thank you - see you this weekend with my papa!