Monday, November 23, 2015

Greenville, North Carolina: Interfaith Thanksgiving Service with Ann Harrington, ARCWP and Christina Logan

Ann Harrington, ARCWP leading Peace Prayer Dance

Ann Harrington on left and Christian Logan on right
Here are 2 pictures from Greenville's Interfaith Thanksgiving Service yesterday.  The first is Ann Harrington, ARCWP leading the Prayer of Peace by David Haas with the children and the second is Christina Logan, one of the founding members of Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community and I delivering our message to the 100 or so people gathered.  Lynn Caverly director of East Carolina Interfaith Alliance and also founding member of FSICC is sitting in the back.  Here is what we said:

Christina:  Good Afternoon, my name is Christina Logan and I am a founding member of FSICC.  I  will be reading from the gospel of John, chapter 20, 19-21.

Ann:  Hello my name is Ann Harrington, Association of Roman Catholic Women Priest's priest and pastor of FSICC.  The women's priest movement is a healing, renewal movement within the Catholic Christian tradition not sanctioned by the hierarchy-YET!  I am sharing a peace prayer written by prolific Catholic songwriter David Haas.  He based it on a Navaho prayer so it is an interfaith hymn.  And as the Scripture that Christina just read, tell us, this peace is to be shared with our hurting, suffering world.  We are called to be the Body of Christ.

I then led the peace prayer and then invited the children to come join me.

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