Sunday, November 22, 2015

“The Illusive Kingdom of God" by Rev. Richard Vosko

..."However, Jesus of Nazareth was not interested in calling himself a king anymore than he was intent on starting a new religion. He was a humble itinerant Jewish teacher. Like many other women and men in history Jesus prophetically offered an alternative way of living based on caring relationships and mutual love.
For Jesus, people were not objects in a political, geographical or even a religious kingdom. Rather, because human beings are created as the image of God, there can be no structured boundaries, xenophobic laws or religious prejudices that deny people access to the realm of God.
We must be cautious, however, not to boast that our brand of Christianity is better than the other faiths practiced on this planet. Our doctrines do not constitute the only lock and key combination to achieve wholesome, dignified relationships with others. What matters is that we respect people of other faiths and work with them to achieve peace.
Our belief system is not based on power or wealth nor on arrogance or acquiescence. Our scriptural base prompts uncompromising love for ourselves and for others who, although different in color and creed, race and region, are also members of God’s fragile family...."

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