Monday, November 23, 2015

Human Rights Activists, Witness to Justice at SOA Watch Vigil

Right to Left, Silvia Brandon Perez, ARCWP and Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP
Janice Sevre Duszynska, ARCWPRoy Bourgeois,Diane DoughertyARCWP

Human Rights activists from across the Americas are on the road home from Georgia right now, and we are so grateful to have filled the streets of Columbus and Lumpkin with our transformative energy, and to have multiplied our resistance to US empire with so many around the world through livestream and social media.
Yesterday, SOA Watch Field Organizer María Luisa Rosal and SOA Watch Founder Father Roy Bourgeois made an important announcement about SOA Watch's move to the border in the Fall of 2016: Click here to watch the announcement (from the School of the Americas to the Border). Stay tuned for more information that will get released in January! SUNDAY Vigil was a beautiful act of resistance, called forth by our friends who are directly impacted by unjust systems of racism and violence. The names of the fallen, killed by graduates of the SOA/WHINSEC, rang out hour upon hour, as we responded, Presente!  
Let's use our collective energy from this past weekend to continue building a culture of justice and peace! Will you join us in standing up against impunity in Honduras? Our call for urgent action is an impactful way to manifest our solidarity with the people of Honduras, who are still resisting the SOA-graduate led coup of 2009.

ON SATURDAY the #ShutDownStewart organizers led a powerful rally, followed by a 1.7-mile march to Stewart Detention Center. Speakers included people who have been directly affected by immigrant detention and deportations. Other speakers included Mary Hooks, Co-Director of Southerners on New Ground; Silky Shah, Co-Director of Detention Watch Network; SOA Watch Field Organizer María Luisa Rosal, and #ShutStewartDown organizer Anton Flores, Alterna Community co-founder.
The march - 1,400 strong - was led by those whose lives are directly impacted by our country's unjust, inhumane and racist immigration policies. Eleven protesters were arrested on misdemeanor charges of Obstruction of Justice for denouncing the injustices that take place daily at Stewart Detention Center. Ranging from ages 29-81 from across the US, protesters are Mary Anne Perrone, Kevin Caron, Betsy Lamb, Moe Fitzsimmons, Rebecca Kanner, Kelvin Ho, Ann Havill, Beth Harris, Rita Lucey, Beth Rosdatter, and Bill Wertheimer (photo by Steve Pavey). After the movement supported them by paying $100 for each arrestee, all were released and all charges dismissed. Thank you to all who donated to support those who take risks by using their bodies to cross lines and fences in a show of solidarity with our sisters and brothers.
Safe travels and much gratitude for all who continue to build and resist.
SOA Watch

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