Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Litany of Christian liberation from "Ancestral Grace" by Diarmuid O'Murchu

Killarney, Ireland

A Litany of Christian liberation:
Blessed are we as cherished earthlings of God’s wonderful creation.

Blessed are we whose incarnational humanity has been affirmed from the beginning of our evolutionary story.

Blessed are we who have been graced to embrace the unfolding paradox of creation in the unceasing process of birth-death-rebirth.

Blessed are we with creativity and an enormous capacity for innovation, contributing to the building up of God’s reign on earth.

Blessed are we because we got it right for most of the time throughout our long history of 7 million years.

Blessed are we who are forgiven by our large-hearted God for the times when we got things badly wrong.

Blessed are we because in the fullness of time, Jesus evolves as the one who affirms and confirms all we have achieved in our evolutionary story.

Blessed are we because Jesus illuminates the archetype of humanity radiant in evolutionary maturity, confirming our past achievements and challenging us to future evolutionary growth.

Blessed are we as co-creators, called to build up on earth the New Reign of God, committed to right relating in the name of love and justice.

Blessed are we because amid huge risk and misunderstanding, Jesus dared to heal, forgive, liberate, and empower those trapped in oppression, poverty, and pain.

Blessed are we because Jesus shares our sufferings, affirms our hopes, and liberates our potential for future growth.

Blessed are we who have inherited open-ended parables, stories of a dangerously empowering memory of inclusive liberation.

Blessed are we as custodians of the open table, symbol of creation’s abundant resources, from which no one is ever to be excluded.

Blessed are we because Jesus bridges the way to our next evolutionary leap, illustrated in the empowerment of his resurrected presence.

Blessed are we because Jesus models life as a Spirit-filled being, the evolutionary destiny to which we are all called.

Blessed are we as the body of Christ today, challenged never to betray the great story and to tell it afresh in each successive generation.

From Ancestral Grace -Diarmuid O'Murchu, p.95

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