Saturday, December 12, 2015

Prayer Therapy for Healing, adapted from Affirmations from the Heart of God Part 8 by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver

Find a few minutes for this prayer therapy and a quiet place to be with the Divine Therapist.

1. Choose an area in your life in which you need to experience Gods love: for example, situation or relationship in your life that needs transforming, grief for the loss of a loved one, a resentment toward a specific person with all the emotional baggage that is attached to it, an addiction that has seemed impossible to break, a stress situation at work that will not gaway, a call to service.

2. Step into Divine Wisdom and open yourself to an awareness of Divine Presence in your life. Notice how different your life could be if this loss, relationship, addiction, stress, or service is transformed, illuminated with grace, love and peace. Then, invite Wisdom to open you to how God‘s love is working within you  in this situation.

3. Write down a positive statement that expresses God as comforting, healing, empowering, or doing what you most need God to do for you or through you right now. Some examples are
―I experience God‘s strength in me,
 ―I let go of my fear, doubt, or loss and let God fill me
with peace
―God, replace my need for alcohol/sex/food (or whatever else) with an
awareness of your infinite love
 ―God‘s love flows through me to (name of a person or

4. Repeat your affirmation often. Put written copies of your affirmation in places that will help you remember to repeat it. Repeating affirmations helps you act as if the positive belief or thought you desire is already reality. 
For example, when you repeat the words 
I experience Gods strength in me, 
you become filled with an awareness of Gods strength permeating your whole being. 
When you affirm that God is filling you with love, you experience this love transforming every aspect of your life.

During Advent Season, I will share stories and prayer practices for healing and wholeness from  Affirmations from the Heart of God  with my blog readers. On Nov. 10th, I shared the introduction to the book on this blog as Part 1. 

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