Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"The Healing Presence of God Within You" Adapted from Affirmations from the Heart of God Part 7 by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver

Begin this prayer time by playing soft, instrumental music.

Take time to be still….

Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth for a couple of minutes until
you feel calm….

As you inhale, breathe in the healing power of God….

As you breathe out, breathe out any darkness, distraction or blockage that keeps you from experiencing God‘s love in the depths of your being….

Repeat one of the following words to help you center: Jesus, Healer, Friend….Wisdom, Jesus-Sophia or another word of your choice....

I f you become distracted, simply let go of the distraction, and continue to repeat your prayer word….

Simply be in the presence of the Holy One.

Open yourself to amazing grace….
Imagine yourself walking along the ocean. The sky is clear and blue. The wind is blowing gently. Seagulls are flying above the sparkling, dancing waters. You marvel at the beauty oGod‘s creation all around you….

You see some tall grass nearby. You can hear the rustle of the grass.

You decide to sit down. You close your eyes and gently drop off to sleep.

Someone is moving toward you. You recognize God/ Jesus/ Spirit. The Holy One sits beside you and embraces you and speaks words of encouragement and affirmation: ―I love you tenderly, boundlessly, completely. You are my beloved,
my heart‘s delight. Let nothing separate you from me ever. I am always with you.

You talk with God about a particular  situation, or relationship, weakness in which you need help. You pour out all your feelings, hurt, frustration and pain.

God listens and looks into your eyes with a love that fills you. 

You feel a power coming from deep within your being filling you with warmth, relief, and release.

You know  healing  is permeating your entire being. ….

You are filled with thanksgiving, joy, love! You put all of this into the words, Thank you, Holy One,

You enjoy the presence of God and come gently back to the awareness of the people and situation around

You can repeat this experience whenever you experience the need of Jesus‘ healing touch.

You can become aware that God is always with you, within you, flowing through you every moment of every day.

You can enter deeply into the heart of God within you.

During Advent Season, I will share stories and prayer practices for healing and wholeness from  Affirmations from the Heart of God  with my blog readers. On Nov. 10th, I shared the introduction to the book on this blog as Part 1. 

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