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Affirming Your Goodness from Affirmations from the Heart of God, Part 6 by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver

We are beautiful images of God. 

Each of us is the apple of  God‘s eye.

We have been given the potential to see others as they truly are: God‘s 

amazing creations 

(once we can truly see ourselves as we truly are: the Beloved of God). 

This does not mean that we are sinless or perfect people. It means that God sees the blemishes

as just that—the ―chicken pox that needs to be healed, the acne of life that needs to be

cleared up, or even the crippling paralysis that renders us immobile and requires Jesus‘

command,Get up, pick up your mat and walk.

Then God knows that we, the peak of God‘s creation, fashioned in God‘s image, will be able to

 perform to the magnificent capacity that is our birthright and function as daughters and sons 

of God. 

These affirmations provide ways you can put on the mind and heart of God to see yourself, as

 God sees you.

Some of these exercises you may find as easy as reading and reflecting on the words of a

prayer. Some may challenge you to lay aside a super-logical way of approaching life, and take a

plunge into the intuitive. Use those that are best for you. Since God made each of us a unique

being, your uniqueness may thrive on one approach; while another person will respond better

to another. That is why we provide you with several options. Each is a prayer route to


The Daily Dose:

Six Summary Affirmations for the Beginning of Prayer Time

I affirm that all that is comes forth through the Creative Power of our God who is Love.

I affirm that I love God, and that I love God‘s vision for the whole created universe.

I affirm that I am a beautiful creation of our birthing God.

I affirm that I am in process; God is continuing to form me into the vision God has for me.

and I affirm God‘s vision and will for me.

I affirm that I love others, both those who do me good and those who injure me, those I know

personally, and those I have never met—and I pray for their healing and wholeness.

I see myself, those I love and all creation as already whole and healed in the heart of God. This

day I will think and act as if this vision is already a reality.

Prayers to Affirm My God-Vision

Pray these affirmations. Repeat the ones that touch your heart. Let them sink in.

I am lovable. I _______(your name) am lovable.

God is in love with me.

Thank you, God, for these gifts of grace and nature you have given me: (name your spiritual

assets; you know what they are).

I see myself held in your embrace! You hug me to yourself!

I offer thanks for my body and my mind.

I give thanks for these special talents that have enriched my life. (Name them.) Help me

continue to use them to give joy to others.

I let go of resentments and fears and open my heart to Love, forgiveness, and healing.

I imagine you turning to me and giving me your heart of love!

I experience your way of looking at things—your vision—transforming my vision.

I listen to your voice saying, ―I love you!‖

I experience your heart of love and healing  filling my soul.

I picture your divine love brightening and uplifting my life. 

I stand firmly under your wings—confident, hopeful, and cleansed of despair.

I rejoice in your peaceful presence and find courage to do whatever needs to be done.

Your blessings and abundance flow into my life in a never-ending stream, O Lord.

I accept the full measure of God‘s love which supports, sustains, and strengthens me in all

that I do.

With God‘s help and love, I push back all my hidden fears.

I thank a loving God for all the miracles I have experienced.

With God‘s help, the balm of optimism is flowing freely through my spirit.

During Advent Season, I will share stories and prayer practices for healing and wholeness from  Affirmations from the Heart of God  with my blog readers. On Nov. 10th, I shared the introduction to the book on this blog as Part 1. 

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