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Homily by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP, the Woman at the Well

"You, a Jew, ask me to drink, who am I, a Samaritan?" John 4: 9

Consuelito : Oy ! What a horrible answer, definitely "ignorance is cheeky!".

... .A moment, Consolito, do not go ahead. Let's locate first, what happened.

We go to Shechem, a Samaritan population, which could not be seen with the people of Judea, at that time also existed regionalism and discrimination. Accompany me and observe everything we see in this interesting encounter of Jesus, with the Samaritan, before his disciples, come back and get us running. Let's face it, it was a chance encounter, not a date.

It was like the noon time, and it was very hot. Jesus arrived tired, sitting on one side of the well, (well, flirting and conquests) while the boys who accompanied him went to get something to eat in the village.

How do you think, because of gossip, to put Jesus in competition with John, who said, because He, was "submerging" is to say baptizing more people than John. The gossip was being showered by the Pharisees ... "Jesus is making more disciples and dipping more than John." It is then, to avoid bochinches, it leaves Judea and returned to Galilee, passing through the red zone of Samaria, when we say "red zone" here, we understand what we are talking about, that is to say it was a dangerous zone, with many criminal bands and Of thieving robbers, somewhat like corrupt organized. This makes us know the text of the Good Samaritan, (Luke 10: 25-37).

Let us not lose heart, let us return to Shechem, to the well Jacob had given to his son Joseph. While Jesus is sitting there resting, a woman arrives with her pitcher, leather bag and rope to draw water. Let us learn here, that it was the women and the young people, those called to seek water for their homes.

Very gently Jesus, asks for water: "Please give me a drink" and this is when the Samaritan woman answers: "Look at this! Do you, being a Jew, ask of me to drink, for I am a Samaritan woman? "

Jesus, does not stay short and responds: "If you knew the one where God and who is the one that is saying" Give me to drink ", you would have asked him and he would have given you water life. The speaking of "living water" was referring to running water, flowing water (Jeremiah 2:13 ...).

Reflecting the Word in a group at the Embroidery to Hand Foundation.

We continue with this beautiful dialogue:

"Sir," she said, "you have nothing to draw the water with, and the well is deep. How are you going to get that living water? Are you more than our father Jacob, who gave us this well and drank of it, and also his sons and his cattle? "

Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will become a spring that will spring up into him for everlasting Life".

As we continue reading the text, we suspect that the Samaritan woman is tired of drawing water and wants to take advantage of it, so that she never has to return to the well!

"Go and call your husband," he replied, "then come back here."

"I do not have a husband," the woman replied.

Jesus said to him, "Well you have said it. "I have no husband," because you had five, and the one you now have is not your husband. " There you have spoken with all the truth ".

Liliana (left) with the mother and Alberto, concelebrating,
Then enjoy the "living water"

Liliana. Ask for the word, before continuing.

"I can think of this moment. Being the Samaritan woman, she is not even from the region of Jesus, she knows nothing of Jesus, who is a sinner, like me, unmarried and with 5 husbands. Jesus, is she offering it to her, to give her "living water"? It's as if she's offering her Holy Communion! Jesus, despite knowing, what kind of woman he is, he does not deny it, on the contrary, he offers it !? Fascinates me!!!

... Thank you, Liliana, for your contribution, to me too, fascinates me!

... We continue reading the text and we are going to find something wonderful! This text is definitely inexhaustible, and rich to learn to relate personally to the Divinity. I'm going to say something that may not suit the civilized world. This text is a beautiful flirtation between God and us. I do not doubt that God likes us to flirt with him. It is happy, that we approach Him, without fears, without precautions, without intermediarixs.

In this text, Jesus breaks schemas about where to worship the Father, the Divinity ... read the text, please.


"The woman said to him," I know that a Messiah is to come. " When you are here, we will explain everything "

Jesus replied, "That's me. The same one that is talking to you. "

Let's pause here for a moment!

...... You heard, what I just heard? What do you think?

Jesus, it has just been revealed to him as the MESSIAH, a woman who is not from her region, who is sinful, unmarried, separated, has had 5 husbands! No wonder they chase him and kill him!

"And when he left his pitcher, the woman ran into the city and said to the men," Come and see one who has told me all that I have done. "Is it not the Messiah?

The uproar continues. The woman goes out to announce her meeting with the MESSIAH (The called Christ). But who? "To men"? A woman?

Josefina: I want to say one last thing. The best part of all this is that the men believed this woman. Eh, there the responsibility that as women we have to announce the Good News !!!

….Excellent! Josefina your shot. Thank you!!!

Let's stop here, this is too much! Let us carry the Word of Divinity in our hearts, to continue to proclaim His Kingdom.

We see ourselves to continue reading and reflecting on His Word with new eyes: John 9: 1-41; John 8: 1-40 p. 413-414.
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Hugh J. Schonfield: The original New Testament. Collection Puzzles of Christianity. Ed- Martinez Roca. SA 1990 Printed in Spain. Chap. III, 4: 1-25 p. 403-404

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