Friday, March 24, 2017

Thirst for the Holy by Rev. Dr. Barbara Billey, Priest, ARCWP Heart of Compassion International Faith Community Windsor, Ontario, Canada Mar 23, 2017

Woman at the Well

In the wilderness
waters break in
streams carve the desert.
When rains come
mother eagle cries her message
as she soars to her destiny.
For each of us
a time is given between
then and what could be
when love begs to enter
the crevices of long-held restraint.
To drink from the cup You offer;
I've heard the invitation a thousand ways.
I take this blessing cup
wellspring of "living waters".
Barbara Billey (Mar 2017)
In John's Gospel (Jn 4:1-28), we witness Jesus' encounter with a Samaritan woman at a well in Sychar, a town in Samaria. She's someone considered by Jews as other. In his hospitality for difference, Jesus opens the way for her to choose "living waters". In accepting his invitation, she, too, sees beyond difference and discovers Jesus as the Messiah. Her old identity falls away and she emerges closer to the Divine, in Jesus and in herself. This woman becomes a prophet who shares her enthusiasm for Jesus with others, with persons thirsting for the same Divine energy.
While in prayer lately, I've been imagining sitting with Jesus at the well. At this time in my life that is pulsating with grief and loss, I feel a sense of mystery moving in His presence. He holds me in the fertile space between a familiar way of knowing myself, and surrendering into a new way that is beckoning. Jesus' silent embrace provides solid ground and deep rest to sustain me in the brutal beauty of my mother's cancer journey and for other necessary changes.
 Each of us has a well, a place to be with Jesus, where we are seen and see. We come with our jars and our agendas, and can set them aside to be immersed in Holy Presence. When we accept Jesus' invitation, love and compassion radiate through us and draw others to the wellspring of new life. For what do you thirst?

Water of Life by David Haas

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