Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ordination of Elena Garcia ARCWP as a deacon, and Baptism of her grandson, Brohdi Lucas at Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community

Today as we celebrate two sacraments: holy orders and baptism, we affirm our call to live the fullness of love in loving service to our sisters and brothers. From the first moment of our existence and all through our lives each of us is the beloved of God called to reflect the divine presence in our world.  In Baptism we celebrate our sacred initiation into a community of faith that supports us on our spiritual journey   In Holy Orders we celebrate an individual’s call to serve a community of faith in sacramental ministry. Today, at Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community we have ordained our sister, Elena, as a deacon. Now Deacon Grandmother Elena will baptize her precious grandson Brohdi Lucas in her first act of diaconal service as all of us warmly welcome him as a new member of the Christian community.

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