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"Christina in the Name of Christ" Christina Moreira defends her pastoral work as the only presbyter in Spain. The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests calls for equality, Article in El Progresso, Spain

Article about Christina Moreira ARCWP in Spanish Newspaper, El Progresso, Read links above and below and our ARCWP response.

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests commends Christina Moreira for her courageous public witness as a priest and her celebrations of Eucharist in Spain. In response to Archbishop Julian Barrio Barrio of Santiago de Compostela, our ordinations and sacramental celebrations are valid. All are welcome at our Eucharistic liturgies. We are leading the Church in living Gospel equality now and welcome an open dialogue with the Archbishop and Pope Francis on the full equality of women in the Church, including ordination.
Even a pope considered "progressive" in his social vision as Pope Francis has expressed his opposition to introducing changes in the subject. "On the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the last word is clear and was said by St. Paul II," he said in November after meeting the head of the Lutheran Church of Sweden. Neither the shortage of priests makes a dent in a rule carved in stone, an infallible part of the Catholic tradition and inheritance itself of the word of Christ, who only surrounded himself with men to form his group of apostles.

Christina Moreira, however, accepts the principles that Christianity is a faith that, by its very nature, is egalitarian and stands against the established, rebellious against the hierarchies and privileges of the status quo. To break canon law, therefore, it seems an act of social justice, and especially moral and spiritual. Something similar to what Manuel Espiña, founder of the Christian Community of the Home Novo to which he belongs, made introducing the Galician into mass.
Moreira, who was ordained a presbyter in Florida, claims that the Bible says nothing of the veto to the priesthood to women

The Bible says nothing about the prohibition of the priesthood for women, argues the student of Theology. The ways to which the interpretations of the divine word lead are inscrutable; Heretical or legitimate depending on who you ask. "Only the baptized male validly receives the sacred ordination", echoes the Catholic legislation on this sacrament, which is accessible to women in Lutheranism and Anglicanism. "There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus," reply others quoting the Epistle to the Galatians of the Apostle Paul. "The Church in no way has the power to give women priestly ordination, and this sentence must be considered definitively by all the faithful," proclaimed John Paul II. God created male and female in his image, refers to Genesis the Association of Roman Catholic Presbyters (ARCWP), the "movement of renewal and justice" in which Moreira is associated with more than a hundred priests and which Aims to "heal centuries of misogyny" by claiming that women "preside at the altar and in all leadership roles in the Church." The first seven of them were ordained in 2002 in Danube waters by a prelate objector who transmitted to them the succession of the apostles. It happened, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of the bishops in order to be free of the authority that they have over the presbyters.

ACTIVE RESISTANCE. The sacrifice in the name of their beliefs, another foundation of Christianity, has been fulfilled Moreira, who in 2015 had to move to Florida to be ordained presbyter by the ARCWP; The first of all Spain. And, like Job, he assumes with perseverance the trials of adversity, since the Vatican has excolmulgado to all these women priest.
"The ordination of this lady is illegal and invalid," says the archbishop of Santiago, in line with the view of John Paul II

"The ordination of this lady is illegal and invalid, so neither she nor the faithful who follow her validly celebrate the sacraments nor are in communion with the Catholic Church," reacts the archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela to disallow any sacrament that officiates Moreira . "What this lady does has the same value in the Church as if she made pancakes," attacked the most immobile faithful.

Moreira has a pink t-shirt with a prayer hat that reads Do not be ashamed of what you are, show it. The Corunna is protected in the beneficial effect of her actions, in her continuation of the ministry of Jesus, to ask for dialogue and openness to Francis. Up to now, the Pontiff's so-called "feminine feminine theology" is reduced to the announcement of her intention to create a commission to study the possibility that women may be deacons - a degree inferior to the presbytery and who can perform a service but not administer a sacrament - in addition to claiming that "the Virgin Mary was more important" than apostles, bishops, deacons and priests. Theoretical, symbolic power.

Meanwhile, with active resistance, Christina Moreira and the ARCWP are expecting material progress, this time with the Gospel of Luke in hand. "Jesus called women and men to be disciples," it is written in him.


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