Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Moving Church from Pyramid to Circle, One Inclusive Community a Time

Popular spiritual writer Diarmuid O'Murchu notes: "While kings rode on a horse, a royal horse,Jesus rode on a donkey, collapsing the pyramid into a circle of the people going around everyday with their donkeys. The pyramid has been collapsed into a circle... a companionship of empowerment characterized by mutuality, co-creating together through the mobilization of diverse gifts as outlined in 1 Cor. 12: 28-31." Inclusivity pp. 63-64)
These photos depict two of our inclusive Catholic Communities that have moved from a pyramid to a circular model where  all are welcome to celebrate Eucharist, to utilize their gifts in ministry and to make decisions that govern the community. In our liturgies we invite the community to share in dialogue homilies and pray the Eucharistic Prayer. See more photos of our ministries in this blog and on our website. Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests at

Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community, Albany, New York

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