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Resources to Connect the Cosmic Mary, Gender Empowerment and Women Priests,

..."Mary is the champion, the fierce tigress for justice. ...She is everywhere: she is one of us and the least of us. She is best pictured as the black Madonna...the earth mother who keeps her promise  to guide and protect our planet... There is a direct connection between who Mary is and what all women are in their full empowerment."

 This is the reason we named our community Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community in Sarasota. 
I think this book is one to awaken your spiritual energies as you contemplate your mystical path to the depths of Divine love revealed in the Sacred Feminine.  (David Richo, When Mary Becomes Cosmic, 
pp. 6-7)

Mary, Mother of Jesus, prays with hands extended in "orans" position, like priests do today. For centuries, Christians viewed Mary as the first priest. 

The devotion to Mary Priest

from Wijngaards Research Site:

"The devotion to Mary as Priest can be documented in many ways.
  1. It consisted in the strong belief that Mary was, indeed, a priest.
    Tradition indicates four main reasons: Mary belonged to a priestly family, Mary exercised priestly functions, Mary gave us the Eucharist and Mary procures forgiveness of sins.
  2. Tradition stressed especially Mary’s role as a sacrificial priest.
    Mary’s role as Sacrificial Priest is seen particularly in her offering Jesus during the Presentation in the Temple and during his crucifixion on Calvary.
  3. Devotion to Mary Priest blossomed greatly among ordained ministers.
    Mary was seen to have a special relationship to priests, not least in the celebration of the Eucharist.
  4. The devotion to Mary Priest has been present throughout the history of the Church.
    Read the witness of theologians and spiritual writers, with references to extensive quotations.
  5. The devotion to Mary Priest was also expressed in religious art.
    Visit our gallery of images of Mary Priest."

 In 352 AD Council of Laodicea declared that  women are not to
 be ordainedhttp://www.womenpriests.org/mrpriest/

Visit our website to see information about Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive  Catholic Community. www.marymotherofjesus.org

We are a community of empowerment the gifts of all are affirmed. We live Gospel equality and inclusiveness. Galations 3:28 reminds us that baptized into Christ, women and men are equal. 
 Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests: www.arcwp.org
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

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