Friday, May 27, 2016

Poster Campaign for Women Priests in Rome Gets International Press Coverage,






"...The posters were created by an Italian photographer named Giulia Bianchi, whose interest in the topic was spurred in 2012 after she was contacted by a female priest named Diane Dougherty, who knew Bianchi was on the lookout for feminist subjects and was interested in the topic of spirituality.
“She called me and her enthusiasm was just so amazing. She said she was Roman Catholic working with transgender people and I thought: ‘Oh my God, this is impossible,’” Bianchi said. “I was raised Catholic and I know there is no such thing as women priests, and that gays are not accepted. Can you imagine transgender? What the hell is she doing?”
Bianchi said her encounter with Dougherty had helped her to heal the “Catholic child inside herself” and “a lot of pain and scars I have from the official church”.
“It was a powerful experience and I wanted to know more,” Bianchi said. She set off to meet and photograph 70 other female priests, whose photographs and stories she is collecting for a book..."

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