Friday, May 27, 2016

Trinity of Trees Liturgy Heart of Compassion International Faith Community Windsor, Ontario, Canada Rev. Dr. Barbara Billey, Priest ARCWP, May 21, 2016

In the beginning was a relationship.

Spirit of Truth
Jesus Healer
Presence Divine

here now

in the Trinity of Trees
our verdant sanctuary where

a fire-blackened oak tells her story
as we pray and sing and dance

our heart’s pain and joy with Mother Earth’s.

We take, bless and eat,
drink wine of the new covenant

in communion with all creation.

Being a Tree Meditation by Suzanne Woitowich, 
Heart of Compassion International Faith Community, 
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Suzanne guided us in this meditation during our Trinity of Trees Liturgy at the beginning of our Prayer of Healing and Peace. Thereafter, Joanna Novosedlik led us on a walk with her drum as we chanted. We asked forgiveness for harm we have done to creation and prayed for healing.

Prayer of Healing and Peace

It is good to know a thing by imaging being it from a heart perspective, rather then thinking about it with the intellect. 
A tree has many good qualities that people seem to be disconnected with.  Trees have a reciprocal relationship with us and the earth and are a necessary part of the forest and our planet.  We can connect with this nature in this mediation.
While standing, close your eyes and takes some deep breaths as you relax.
Open your eyes and pick a tree that you identify with.
Take in this tree fully.  Check out its bark and branches, its leaves and any scares.
Now close your eyes and picture this tree in your minds eye.
Become the tree; the trunk, branches, leaves, bark and roots.
You are a happy tree that belongs here in this forest.
This is your home.
Sway with the wind and feel the sunshine on your leaves and branches that reach up into the sky.
Takes deep breaths of carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen knowing that you are providing for human life.
As a tree you have been here a long time.
Everything around you provides what you need and you in turn offer the forest what it needs.
You feel your stillness deep down through your roots.
You feel your branches and leaves swaying with the wind and reaching up to the sky
You are content.
While you remain still, time moves about you.
Morning arises and turns to evening,
Day turns to night and night to day once again,
Spring turns to summer and summer to fall; fall to winter and;
Once again spring arises.
Feel the earth under your feet.
As your roots move down into the soil; you draw up water and minerals and nutrients.
Everything that you need is here for you.
Let the spirit of your awareness flow through this tree
Let your spirit open to everything here and now as this tree.
Listening, feeling, dissolving into being that tree here and now...
10-20 minutes of silence follows.

Prayers of the Faithful: 

1. As Citizens of Ontario, Michigan and Ohio, where 20% of the world’s fresh water is near us, we pray for the waters of the world, that they may be restored to health and filled with bountiful life.

Response:  Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

2. We pray for Earth’s soil. We humans create waste that is loaded with toxic chemicals, now measureable in our soil.  This is especially true in heavy industrial areas.  We pray the soil of the world, with all its richness, will be protected to assure abundant harvests for all.

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

3. We grieve that earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years. We pray for all creatures who share Earth with us, that their beauty and diversity will be preserved.

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

4. We pray for our brothers and sisters, and all creatures around the world impacted by the harmful effects of climate change.

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

5. We pray for all human beings, especially future generations, that we will be filled with a spirit of concern for our environment; bring an end to the exploitation of the Earth’s scarce resources; and live
as responsible creatures protecting and respecting this gift our Creator has placed in our hands.

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

6. We pray for wisdom for decision makers in wealthy nations, that they may make amendments for the harm they have done to the environment and find creative and just solutions to protect all of creation and to ensure climate justice.

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

7. We now give voice, for our other intentions …
And for those held silently in our hearts …

Response: Creator Spirit, help us renew Mother Earth

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