Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Support Fr. Marek Bozek

Roman Catholic Womenpriests, USA
5 February 2008

Roman Catholic Womenpriests are proud to stand in solidarity with our brother priest, Marek Bozek, a modern-day prophet who fearlessly speaks truth to power and who courageously supported the ordinations that took place in St. Louis on 11 November 2007 of Rose Marie Dunn Hudson and Elsie Hainz McGrath. Because of his open support of women’s ordination, Archbishop Raymond Burke, of St. Louis, is threatening Fr. Bozek with laicization.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests work in partnership with all those who foster Jesus’ vision of Gospel equality, and offer a renewed model of priestly ministry in which women and men serve the needs of the people of God in a community of equals.

Archbishop Burke insists that women’s ordination is infallibly impossible, even though the doctrine of infallibility states that only those articles of faith which are embraced by the community of believers and have been a part of the tradition of the church since its earliest times can be declared infallible. Surveys reveal that 63-70 percent of Catholics support women’s ordination, so it is clearly not the sense of the faithful that this is impossible. And as there are scriptural, historical, and archaeological proofs that women were indeed ordained for the first 1,100 or so years of Christianity, it is clearly not a part of the church’s tradition that only men have been priests.

Fr. Marek Bozek is the pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church in St. Louis. He said: “I could not tolerate the abuse of my sisters any longer. I could not remain indifferent to the injustice being done to all those women graced by God with the priestly vocation.”

Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie McGrath co-pastor the Therese of Divine Peace Inclusive Community, in St. Louis. For further information, you may contact them as follows:

Rose Marie Hudson, rcwp, at, or call 636-208-5598.

Elsie McGrath, rcwp, at, or call 314-477-6089.

You may also contact the media representative for RCWP-USA:
Bridget Mary Meehan, rcwp, , at, or call 703-283-2929.

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