Friday, October 16, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : Download movies about womenpriests from this popular site

From left to right Priests: Judy Lee, Gloria Carpeneto, Bishop Dana Reynolds, Priest Gabriella Velardi Ward, Bishop Ida Raming in Boston at historic first ordinations of Roman Catholic Womenpriests in Boston

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Ordained In Boston
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : ITeam Report: The Underground Priesthood ABC Alta Jacko's Ordination as a Roman Catholic Womanpriest

The women's names are from left to right
front row: Juanita Cordero, Joan Houk and Alta Jacko
middle row: Marybeth McBryan, Elsie McGrath, Mary Ellen Robertson and Mary Styne
back row: Clara Thompson Powell, Barbara Zeman, Janine Denomme and Ree Hudson

I-Team Report: The Underground Priesthood - Chicago,IL,USA
... A Chicago woman is the latest to be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest. ... Jacko becomes one of about 60 women priests around the world and the second ...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : "Enough is Enough"

Enough is enough. Really.
by Janice Kennedy
Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

"The Catholic church was not founded on an exclusionary mission of denying women and married people the opportunity to serve as priests. It only began this desiccating process after some early churchmen, presumably wrestling demons of their own, decided somehow that God must have erred in creating human sexuality. In the fourth century, the church gradually began marginalizing women and turning up its nose at married men on the altar."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : "Bishop Thomas Gumbleton: Prophet for Peace, Justice and Equality in the Roman Catholic Church"

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton: A Prophet for Peace, Justice and Equality in the Roman Catholic Church

by Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, is a courageous prophet in the Roman Catholic Church who has preached the Gospel of justice and peace for decades. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous efforts on behalf of world peace and human rights.
In recent homilies published in the National Catholic Reporter, Bishop Gumbleton wrote on women's ordination as an issue that should be on the table for discussion. This drew the ire of Marquette Bishop Sample who refused to allow Bishop Gumbleton to speak in his diocese. (See article below)
Let us express our support for prophetic leaders like Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, women religious in the U.S. who are under investigation by the Vatican (again, one of the major top reasons is women's ordination), Fr. Roy Bourgeois, a Maryknoll priest who is addressing women's ordination as a justice issue and Roman Catholic Womenpriests, who are serving God's people in grassroots communities now. Roman Catholic Womenpriests are presiding at Eucharist, celebrating the sacraments, ministering to those in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons and the homeless. We are faithful Catholics, following the example of Jesus who called women and men to be disciples and reclaiming our twelve hundred year tradition of women in ordained ministry.

So what should be our response to this latest effort of the hierarchy to oppress Catholics who are working for the full equality of women in our church as a justice issue.

Here are a few ideas: break the silence, speak out, write letters to editors in local/national papers and blogs, and withhold donations, give money to those in need including religious orders in the United States who are being investigated by the Vatican. Contact the Leadership of Women Religious for ways you can help. Join with peace and justice groups who are working for women's rights in the church and world.
Let us join these contemporary prophets and countless other Catholics in the spirit of Jesus who challenged the religious leaders of his time. Jesus did not treat women as second class citizens, neither should the church. Justice is an issue for all, including Roman Catholic women, who are called to ordination. The full equality of women in the Catholic Church is the call of God in our time. We owe members of the hierarchy, like Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a debt of profound gratitude for his witness to justice and equality in our church and our world.

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