“In a short email addressed to the Pope, Former Irish president Mary McAleese blasted Pope Francis for his "ludicrous lack of knowledge or clarity", adding that he "offered just more unlikely misogynistic drivel".

"It was reassuring and gratifying to observe the utter impenetrability of the reasons you offered," McAleese said in the email.

"So nothing new then and nothing to fear," she continued. "Thank you for giving us something to laugh at. If you ever come up with a serious and credible reason please do not hesitate to let us know. Meanwhile, keep rambling on. It is such fun and the fun has almost gone out of faith! Best wishes and renewed thanks. Mary McAleese."

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis said during the interview that it would be a "theological problem" if a woman felt a call to become an ordained minister, stating that "we amputate the being of the church if we consider only the way of the ministerial dimension". 


He said there are three principles in the CatholicChurch; the Petrine (from Peter) principle, which is that of ordained ministry; the Marian principle, which is the principle of women in the church; and the administrative principle.

He admitted that the church has to "give more space" to women in the administrative aspect of the church, adding that the places in the Vatican "where we have put women are functioning better".