Thursday, July 14, 2016

"If Jesus Can Wash His Followers Feet, Women Can Lead the Church" by Soline Humbert

"He subverted the master/servant power relationship and the male/female relationship."

As Sr Anne E Patrick SNJM wrote in Conscience and Calling: Ethical Reflections on Catholic Women’s Church Vocations: “it is fitting for Women Transforming Church to give thanks, indeed to preside at Eucharist, and to do this in the name and memory of Jesus, whose ethical ideals, as His followers insisted from the beginning, included the belief that, if it came to a choice, one should obey God and not human beings (Acts 5:27-29).”

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Begins Retreat in Albany, NY - July 14, 2016

ARCWP Retreat: Unity in Diversity

ARCWP Retreat opens with blessing of new candidates and deacons. 

 ARCWP members brought water and soil from many places to symbolize unity in diversity. They brought water from Thailand, Colombia, Canada, Ireland and US. 

Each person brought a candle to symbolize themselves.