"GREG Reynolds is grateful that heretics are no longer burnt at the stake. But the Catholic parish priest at Western Port knows that he will be dismissed after this article because Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has told him so."

"Father Reynolds, 57, delivered a homily in his three parish churches two months ago saying it was God's will for the church to have women priests and that, by refusing them, the church was obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit."

''I am convinced in my heart that it is God's will that we should have women priests … I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to share my position publicly, and yet very reluctantly,'' the sermon said."

''I believe certain women are being called by God to the ministerial priesthood, and our official church is obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit. I feel I can no longer sit back and remain silent.''

Bridget Mary's Reflection
Kudos to you, Fr. Greg Reynolds for your courage in taking a public stance for women priests. You are certainly not afraid of a crack of a crozier!

My Irish cousins work in Australia and they love your wonderful country.

May thousands of your brother priests all over the world join you. Indeed women priests are serving grassroots Catholic communities with enthusiasm and joy. Like Fr Roy Bourgeois and the 300 Irish priests who met in Portlaois, Ireland in September 2010, we are beginning to see male priests affirming equality for women in the church publically. Fr. Roy received an automatic excommunication for his stance. I hope that the women of Australia rise up and say "yes" to serving God in a renewed priestly ministry.

God is calling women to serve as priests, who are the hierarchy or Vatican to stand in the way! Onward! Bridget Mary Meehan, sofiabmm@aol.com