Saturday, June 4, 2011

Historic Ordination of Four Women Roman Catholic Priests in Maryland on June 4, 2011 -- YouTube Video Clips

left to right, Patricia LaRosa,
Bridget Mary Meehan Ann Penick
and Maryellen Mayers

front row from left to right newly ordained Ann Penick, Maryellen Mayers,
Bishop Andrea Johsnon, Carly Johnson, and Patriicia LaRosa with members of Easter Region USA

In the presence of enthusiastic women priests supporters and advocates of justice, renewal and inclusivity in the Catholic Church, Bishop Andrea Johnson ordained four new Roman Catholic Women Priests: Carly Conroy Johnson, Patricia Elise La Rosa, Maryellen Marie Mayers, and Ann Clarisse Yeoman Penick at St. John's United Church of Christ in Catonsville, Maryland.

Bishop Andrea Johnson: Presentation of Four Women Priests to Assembly at Historic Maryland Ordination

Bishop Andrea Johnson anoints hands of four women priests in Maryland

Bishop Andrea Johnson ordains four women priests in Maryland

Clip from homily by Bishop Andrea Johnson

Bridget Mary's Reflection:
It was a joy to witness this historic moment for Maryland and for the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement.
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Sex and Money? It's About Power" by Phyllis Zagano/NCR Online/ We Need Wisdom of Women- a New Pentecost!

"Lots of news about sex and money lately. First an international financier is alleged to have raped a hotel maid. Then the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops blames societal changes for sixty years of creeps run rampant. Same story, different emphasis...But most women (and, by extension, children) are not “useful” to too many of the rich and powerful men who control money and who control sacraments. "
Bridget Mary's Reflection
Excellent analysis by Phyllis Zagano who sums up what many commentators have said all along about the Catholic Church's global sex abuse crisis-- its about abuse of power. Now more than ever, the church needs genuine reform of clericalism and it needs the wisdom of the people of God, especially women to hold the institutional church accountable for crimes against youth and to foster a more open, participatory, responsible, community of faith. In my view, this would certainly include a married priesthood and women priests as part of a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals. We need a new Pentecost in the Catholic Church where the diverse gifts of the baptized are affirmed and fully utilized in inclusive communities in service to the Body of Christ!
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Witness for Justice at Chiquita Corporate Center/Chiquita Sued Over Colombian Paramilitary Payments

Report by Janice Sevre-Duszynska, RCWP

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

"Our witness in front of the Chiquita Corporate Center went well
We had about 20 folks, mainly Steelworker union activists from Louisville and Columbus, as well as the head of labor in Cincinnati.
We held our banner: Witness for Peace
Stop the War
Against the Poor

We chanted: No more blood for bananas
No more blood for profits

Ken Crowley of WFP went to the stockholders' meeting and raised
his same points as last year with the CEO about the killing of the Afro-Colombians by para-military groups that were paid for by Chiquita...

Reporters from CityBeat and The Cincinnati Enquirer did interviews at our gathering.

On horses across the street the police kept an eye on us.

This event was an education for me, learning from Ken and Dan Kovalik, senior counsel
for the Steelworkers.

Recently the National Security Archives revealed information that
both Chiquita and the U.S. State Department lied about Chiquita's involvement with paramilitary groups which seeded death squads in north Colombia."

May 30, 11:35 AM EDT

AP Legal Affairs Writer

MIAMI (AP) -- "Each name is next to a number, in black type on a thick legal document. They are the mothers and fathers, spouses, sisters and brothers of thousands of Colombians who were killed or vanished during a bloody civil conflict between leftist guerrillas and right-wing paramilitary groups whose victims have largely been civilians.

The list has at least 4,000 names, each one targeting Chiquita Brands International in U.S. lawsuits, claiming the produce giant's payments and other assistance to the paramilitary groups amounted to supporting terrorists."

Bridget Mary's Reflection:
Let us do everything possible to support justice for the people of Columbia who have suffered so much violence and loss of life.
Our biblical faith calls us to be prophetic witnesses for justice for all especially the poor and downtrodden in our world. In the Gospel. Mary, mother of Jesus, proclaimed God's compassionate tenderness for the oppressed and outrage against their oppressors:"God has brought down the powerful from their thrones and raised up the lowly. God has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away empty. (Luke 1:52-53)
The church teaches that action on behalf of justice is constitutive to the Gospel.
In Medellin, Columbia and Puebla, Mexico, the Latin American Bishops Conference issued pastoral letters that affirm God's preferential option for the poor and our duty as people of faith to stand with them in their pursuit of their human rights and dignity.
Let us stand in solidarity with those who suffer injustice anywhere and challenge the powerful to do justice everywhere. Let us pray that justice will be done by Chiquita for the people of Columbia.
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Memorial Day Reflection by Katy Zatsick, RCWP

Katy Zatisck, RCWP

Memorial Day Reflection 2011

Five years ago today I was in residence at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC supporting my son Captain Jason as he recovered from Very Serious Injuries (VSI) in Iraq. (Please see www.CaptJason.blogspot.comm for info begin reading October 2005.)On Memorial Day I was invited to a memorial service by a mother K of a son who had attended Tank Commander School with Jason. Ken was her only child and her only son. He was killed in Iraq shortly after the invasion began in 2003. K had contacted me at WR to see if Jason would talk about her son and their time together. K wanted to know everything she could about her son, now deceased 2 years. Today she and her family, friends and Ken's finance who was a RN for Jason at WR will meet at Arlington National Cemetery. They will remember Ken with stories, tears and laughter. They will release a balloon and pour beer on his grave. My heart is with them today as I remember my time with them in 2006 and who they are today. K continues to speak strongly for an end to war.Today I remember Gilda and her Marine Alex, her only son and only child. As a member of Military Family Speaks Out (MFSO) Gilda visited and offered support to Jason and I while I was at WR. Alex was killed in Iraq early May 2006 and I attended his funeral at Arlington Cemetery. His headstone is a very short way from Ken's. I haven't heard much from Gilda in the intervening years. I pray that she has found peace on this 5th anniversary since Alex's death.

Today as I was reading the Liturgy of the Hours, I saw the reference to prayers for today in the Sacramentary.

I would like to include some of these prayers for today as a deepening of our Memorial Day reflections and prayers.

Some words have been changed to be inclusive.

For Peace and Justice

God our Creator you reveal that those who work for peaceare called your sons and daughters.

Help us to work without ceasing for that justicewhich brings true and everlasting peace.and Loving Creator,you guide all creation with care.

As you have given all women and men one common origin,bring them together peacefully into one familyand keep them united in love as sisters and brothers.and Loving God,creator of the worldyou establish the order which governs all the ages.

Hear our prayer and give peace in our time that we may rejoice in your mercy and praise you without end.and God of perfect peace,violence and cruelty can have no part with you.

May those who are at peace with one another hold fast to the good will that unites them;may those who are enemies forget their hatred and be healed.

Prayers in Time of War

God of power and mercy, you destroy war and put down earthly pride.

Banish violence from our midst and wipe away our tears that we may all deserve to be called your sons and daughters.and God our Creator, maker of love and peace, to know you is to live,and to serve you is to live in the kindom.

All our faith is in your saving help;protect us from violenceand keep us safe from weapons of hate.and Loving God remember Christ your Son who is peace itself and who wash ed away our hatred with his blood.

Because you love humanity, look with mercy on us.

Banish the violence and evil within us,and by this offering (of gifts) restore tranquility and peace.and(for prayer after communion)

Beloved Creator, you satisfy our hunger with the one bread that gives strength to humanity, Help us to overcome war and violence,and to establish your law of love and justice.

All prayers end with

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Brother,who lives with you and the Holy Spirit,One God, for ever and ever. Amen

May you find peace and comfort today. My heart is saddened to hold all those lost and injured in war and their families and friends; civilians and soldiers and the 18 veterans who commit suicide each day. My own son returns to Iraq as a civilian contractor about July 1, 2011.

Katy Zatsick, RCWP

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Monday, May 30, 2011

Peaceful Prayer Vigil for Women's Ordination/Boston Theological Institute/Call to Action and Spirit of Life Community at Boston Cathedral

25 people including students from the Boston Theological Institute, Call to Action, and Spirit of Life Community gathered at the Boston Cathedral of the Holy Cross for a peaceful prayer vigil for women's ordination on May 15th. May 15th was the World Day of Prayer for Vocations in the Catholic Church. The protestors stood in solidarity, praying for vocations for all women and men, particularly for women's vocations to the priesthood. Pictures from Emily Jendzejec.

Bridget Mary's Reflection:

What a joy to see the younger generation coming out to express their support of women's ordination! They are the future of the church and the majority are supportive of justice and equality for women in the church!

Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember: A Meditation on War on YouTube by Robert Young

"War will exist until the distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige as the warrior does today."
— John F. Kennedy