Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roman Catholic Womenpriests: "Scandals must kickstart new era for Church" by John Cooney/Irish Independent

"Scandals must kickstart new era for Church"

By John Cooney Wednesday January 06 2010

"A CHILLING sense of witnessing the end of an era was as sharp as the cold Armagh air yesterday as the body of Cahal Daly was laid to rest. "

"The laity in Ireland must speak out now and demand a more democratic rather than medievalist church. Otherwise they will be expected to follow the paternalistic route which Pope Benedict plans to anno-unce in his pre-Lenten pastoral letter to the Irish that will be interpreted as the mandate for church governance that is to be implemented by the two principal leaders of the Irish Church, Cardinal Brady and the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.
Both Brady and Martin are fine leaders -- and they undoubtedly have a central role to play -- but they operate within the limited parameters of Rome's refusal to redefine its outmoded and unscientific code of sexual morality that still demands a celibate male clergy and bans the use of condoms, the admission to the sacraments to divorced Catholics, the right of women to choose abortion and the admission to the ministry of married men and of women, whether single or married."

Bridget Mary's Comment: Will the Irish save the Roman Catholic Church? Stay Tuned...
John Cooney's prophetic call for a Synod of the People of God in Ireland is a mandate of reform for a scandal ridden Irish Church, that if not heeded will face its own demise. The question now is will the Irish save the Church? It is in the hands of the Irish people.

The anger of the Irish people, has shaken the Irish bishops. They have demanded and received the resignation of the bishops at the heart of the sex abuse scandal in Ireland

Now the next question is , does Pope Benedict realize that the Irish people, who have payed, prayed and obeyed, and who have provided missionaries for centuries to spread the faith to distant lands, are demanding renewal of the church they love.

As Noreen, my cousin from County Laois, said, "the church is done in Ireland." Is it? Let's hope the church where priests raped and abused the youth is done.

It is time for a new day when the people are empowered to be who they really are "the Body of Christ" with their full baptismal rights and responsibilities. We can reclaim the wisdom of our early Christian story when women and men worked side by side to share the faith in Christian communities like Brigit of Kildare, and St. Gobnait of Ballyvourney.

The Celtic Christian tradition of Ireland challenges us to embrace partnership, equality and justice for all, including women as ordained leaders of our church.

It is my prayer that the Irish people will step up now and lead the way for Catholics throughout the world who love their faith and want to renew their church.

I am grateful for the gift of my Irish Catholic heritage which revels in the God-Presence in the mystical heart.
As a small child in our cottage near Rathdowney, County Laois, I remember making mud cakes and delighting in the softness of the soil in my hands. Here my brother Patrick and I fed the lambs from a baby bottle. Here we chased the ducks across the fields and ran away when the gander chased us! Here I experienced the the oneness of earth and heaven. Here I learned the joys of kinship, hospitality,and story-telling . My 85 year-old Dad still tells stories of long ago in Ireland when they chased rabbits through the fields, and about the times we fished in the Erkina River. Here I learned from Bridie, my mother, to welcome the stranger, Mrs. Kinerney the traveller, whom I asked for a ride home from school and who mended our pots and pans. Here our family prayed the rosary. Here I talked to Mary and the angels who seemed like extended family. Here I first saw the face of Christ.
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Monday, January 4, 2010

Roman Catholic Womenpriests: "Women Priests Will No Longer Be Contained" by Janice Sevre-Duszynska in Cincinnati.Com

"The Holy Spirit moves in grace and truth among the grassroots and cannot be deterred - even by the Vatican. In recent years, women have reclaimed their ancient heritage within the Church. Today there are about 100 women ordained as Roman Catholic Womenpriests.
Your farewell article on Archbishop Pilarczyk contained a chart indicating that there are 482 Roman Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. That is an error you may want to correct for the incoming archbishop, Dennis Schnurr.
As an ordained Roman Catholic Womanpriest, I make the total 483."
Janice Sevre-Duszynska, RCWP