Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Sibyl Dana Reynolds Interview- The Resurrecting Goddess Summit 
Sibyl Dana Reynolds is a writer, spiritual director and founder of Sacred Life-Arts, an online sanctuary and resource center devoted to bringing creative inspiration and spiritual illumination to women. Sibyl is also a priest and bishop in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Sign up now for Lay-led Synodal Assembly to be held in Rome in October 2023

I am one of the speakers in this  lay-led assembly addressing human and spiritual rights in the Church and world.

My topic will highlight some of the ways Roman Catholic Women Priests are redefining ministry renewing sacramental rites and living gospel equality in inclusive ministries and communities now.

Your lay-led Synodal Assembly
SPIRIT UNBOUNDED, Winging her Way   
Human Rights in the Emerging Catholic Church News 2           5th Sept, 2023

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MARTHA MUSONZA HOLMAN Live in Bristol, 13 - 14 October
ALL INFO and BOOKING 8 - 14 Oct

8 - 14 Oct online all week
13 - 14 Oct live, in-person and online, Rome IT & Bristol UK.

Does our institutional Church seem to have much - if any - understanding of the complexities of your life and mine? Of how we, our families and friends truly live?

“The People of God… do not believe and in many cases do not practice what the magisterium teaches on women, gay rights, obedience, infallibility, human sexuality, contraception, abortion, governance…..” Dr. Mary McAleese, keynote speaker in Rome alongside Sr. Joan Chittister.

Pope Francis brings us the Synod on Synodality in the XVIth Synod in Rome this October. Alongside, we offer you this ecumenical festival of our lay-led Synodal Assembly, with 110+ stories of our complex lives. And our human rights.
Penelope Middelboe and her husband Jon have worked for decades in media production.

They began to realise, as Voice after Voice of our speakers below thanked us for inviting and recording them, that our 110+ shared HRECC stories are groundbreaking. Unprecedented. 
The meaning of Synod is literally, walking together. This is the first lay-led, technologically enabled, worldwide Assembly of its kind.
A listening one.

Supported by over 40 reforming and advising Companion organisations, Spirit Unbounded HRECC is being put together and driven by a tiny handful of volunteers. All of us strive for a safe, just and welcoming church. We've no funds. Only our faith in our beloved Holy Spirit, who seems to be opening so many doors to us. We work all hours, hours that should belong to our families and loved ones, to bring you this astounding ecumenical festival of our lived lives as the 99%+ of our Church, in October.

We continue to pray with Pope Francis, who, in April 2021 proposed that we pray for human rights defenders, saying "Defending fundamental human rights takes courage and determination."
Armando Márquez, Co-secretario de SICSAL, El Salvador 

in 2018 joined the 100+ Catholic Church workers and teachers in Canada and the USA fired by their employer, the Church. Mark loved being a lay minister. He started an LGBTQ+ prayer group. He was sacked.

How do we change the Church's laws, teachings and structures so that our LGBTQ+ siblings can feel safe? Only "a synodal heart," says Mark, will do.

was a nun for two decades before becoming a lay feminist theologian.
She works to empower the thousands of nuns in India endangered by the spiritual and sexual abuse of clericalism.
Courageous whistleblowers, below, have come under unconscionable pressures. "Jesus Christ was a liberator", says Kochurani, "because he dared to ask critical questions" of a corrupt establishment.

is a priest, a Church whistleblower, an author and a speaker about power abuse in Catholicism. His book, Cardinal Sin, about his and four fellow survivors' journey to unmask the predator Cardinal Keith O'Brien, shows a deeply humane and caring concern for sufferers, as well as a trenchant analysis for structural change in the Church. ‘The celibate, single sex priesthood needs to be dismantled', he says.

He describes himself as a Collapsed Catholic. Read his inspiring article this week in the Synodal Times here about "reform-minded Catholics who will not sit quietly and allow this haughty, out of touch, and utterly compromised patrimony to tell us what authentic Church is."

aged twelve, wanted so badly to continue her education that her father sold his bed to pay the fees. 
When, as a mother of two young sons, she was arrested and beaten up by Mugabe's government, she made the difficult decision to come to the UK, leaving her boys with her father. 
Now settled in Wales with her husband David, she runs their Love Zimbabwe charity with the help of her eldest son and village trustees in her home, Chinamhora. Their focus is on health, food, education and sanitation, and the support of disabled children.
Come to Bristol. Be privileged to meet her and David and hear first-hand about women, power and Zimbabwe.
FULL LIST of our amazing worldwide 110+ synodal VOICES.
ALL INFO 8 - 14 Oct

Elaine Phaff: Ministry to Survivors of Sex Trafficking

 I want to share my recurring call to advocate for survivors of sex trafficking.  Five years ago I started a neighborhood group named TASC, Trafficking Awareness and Social Concern.  Our objective was to help raise awareness regarding the widespread practice of human exploitation amounting to sexual slavery and to affect legislative change in NC so that Survivors would be less harshly criminalized for prostitution while users go relatively unscathed. 

We participated in county training programs and hosted our own an information program in the local Rotary Club.  Our letter writing campaign to the State resulted in law for a  better outcome during arrests so that Survivors might be connected to supportive resources and actors might be better identified.  Law enforcement in our area is more likely to appreciate their roles as helpers for Survivors.   A member of Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community was a particularly active participant in this successful initiative.

Then and now, I am connected to Beloved Haven, a grassroots nonprofit  "a safe place, a refuge" for Survivors.  Since my ordination last October, I have offered to be present to the staff and Survivors for their spiritual needs.  Trauma has prohibited their openness to male clergy, therapists, and other professionals.  We are hoping that these beloveds will begin to trust a Roman Catholic Woman Priest who might assure them that they are loved and valued.

Recently Beloved Haven moved its residence because of security reasons.  And for the same reason, we do not publish photographs.  But they do have a website at 

Please visit the website and pray for our moving forward with this vital ministry.

Thank you !
In solidarity with you for human freedom & dignity,


Monday, September 4, 2023

Celebrating Labor Day at Oakwood Manor

Blessings before our Meal

Loving Creator ,

We pray for your blessings for all those workers in every occupation that we need for human life to flourish on earth-especially  those who do not receive a living and just wage for their labors.

We ask your blessings on the work of our hands, ond all those who serve the needs of others especially of the many volunteers -including our dear Lois-  who have served our Oakwood Manor community over many years. 

We give thanks for each other and for this delicious meal that we will  share, Amen.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Listening to St Phoebe read Romans by Beverly Roberts Gaventa

 St. Phoebe(September 3)

          Listening to Phoebe read Romans by Beverly Roberts Gaventa


47 min. Filmed in 2012.