Saturday, April 28, 2018

"Codology", Mary McAleese used this word to describe ban on women priests, in other words, pure malarky, See Patsy McGarry article in Irish Times

In a Word . . . codology

My Response: Mary McAleese, like most Irish women I know , speak their minds!
Yes, the ban on women priests with all its toxic punishments against our international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement is pure "codology", translated from Irish-Speak, "malarky!
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP #WomenPriestsNow!

An American priest asked me whether the word had anything to do with fish?

You will have heard that Eskimos have up to 50 words for snow. It makes sense of course, when you spend most of your life surrounded by the stuff.
Yes, clearly, familiarity breeds content.
Even during the Great Blizzard of last month people remarked on the quality of the snowflakes and how much finer they were than would usually be the case in Ireland.
Those Siberian winds and Portuguese Emma produced such snow as would barely hold together as snowballs or snowpersons. There being no snowmen anymore. Had it stayed longer we might have come up with our very own new word for that unique snow.
Then, days after the Greatest Blizzard of Our Time, former president Mary McAleese uttered those immortal words in Rome about the ban on women priests in the Catholic Church being based on “codology dressed up as theology”. The most researched word on Google next day was “codology”.
An American priest asked me whether the word had anything to do with fish? I assured him not. “It might be associated with the fishy, but never cod,” I said. “It meant ‘nonsense’, in Ireland,” I explained.
Then I recalled how, when former US vice-president Joe Biden used the word “malarkey” to dismiss something as nonsense, it too caused a run at Google. And of course we have another word in Ireland for nonsense, “ráiméas”.
It set me wondering, why have we Irishry so many words for nonsense? Is it because, like the Eskimos and snow, we are generally surrounded by so much of it?
And words like malarkey and ráiméas, not to mention codology, are so sturdily cheery there seems something positive in how we use them, spit them out there.
You know how they say about us Irish that all our wars are merry and all our songs are sad?

Pruning: A Roman Catholic Woman Priest Reflects on Pruning

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community April 28, 2018 Fifth Sunday of Easter Celebration of Arbor Day Presiders: Kathryn Shea ARCWP & Lee Breyer Music Minister: Mindy Lou Simmons

Kathryn Shea ARCWP Co-Presider at MMOJ Liturgy

Kathryn Shea ARCWP and Lee Breyer Co-Presiders at MMOJ Liturgy

Kathryn Shea ARCWP with son Seth Theo 

Left to right: Bridget Mary, Seth Theo, Kathryn Shea ARCWP, Elena, Janet and Sally

                                                            Theme: “I Am the Vine, You are My Branches”

Welcome and Gathering Song:  “Canticle of the Sun” #422 (verses 2, 3, 5)

Opening Prayer
All: God of life, wholeness and holiness, you who direct all creation to its fulfillment in Jesus, the Christ - open our hearts to the message of the Gospel so that your peace may rule in our hearts and your justice may guide our lives.  Loving God, we pray that you impart your wisdom to all people, especially world leaders, to care for and protect all living things.  Loving God, bless all of us gathered here and all those of our community who are not with us today.  We ask this of you, our brother Jesus, and our sister Sophia.  Amen. 

Penitential Rite and Community Forgiveness
Presider:  Compassionate God, to you all hearts are open, no desires unknown, and no secrets hidden.  We ask you to send your Spirit to us so that we may live more fully according to your will for us and we give thanks that you have called us to be your chosen people. 

All:  (with an outstretched arm): God, our Father and Mother, help us to hear Wisdom’s messages, to faithfully understand them, and to receive the compassion to act on them with our brothers and sisters.  Compassionate God, teach us the virtues of pardon and peace so that we may – in turn- learn to forgive our failures to care for one another and for our trees and our entire planet Earth.  We ask this of you in the names of Jesus, our brother and of the Holy Spirit, our healer and comforter.  Amen.

Glory to God
All:  Glory to God in the highest, and peace to all God’s people on earth.  Creator God, heart of the universe, we thank you for the breath of the Spirit sustaining everything that exists, everywhere in the cosmos.  Through the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, you gave us the grace to know that you are always among us – and that we can experience you in our brothers and sisters.  We give you glory and praise through Jesus Christ, our brother, and the Holy Spirit, our Wisdom.  Amen.

Liturgy of the Word
First reading:  “Ode To Trees” by David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic  All: Thanks be to God.
Psalm 89: Responsorial: “Forever I will sing the goodness of our God.”  #790     
Second reading: 1 John: 3: 18-24 All: Glory and thanks to our God. 
Gospel Acclamation:  Celtic Alleluia
Gospel: John 15: 1-12, 15-17.     
Shared Homily/Community Reflection
Profession of Faith
All: We believe in God, the Creator of the universe, whose divinity infuses all that exists, making everything, everywhere, sacred.   We believe in Jesus, the Christ, who leads us to the fullness of humanity.  Through him, we become a new people, called beyond the consequences of our brokenness.  We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Wisdom who keeps the Christ-vision present to all those who are searching for meaning and wholeness in their lives – and the Sustainer who heals and energizes us when our spirits may grow weary in our journeys.  We say: Amen to courage, to hope, and to truth.  We say: Amen to the partnership and equality of all people of different genders, races, and faiths.  We believe in a world of justice and peace for everyone, everywhere, with no exceptions.  In all of this, we surely believe.
Prayers of the Community
Presider:  We are a people of faith, believing in the power of prayer. We are always mindful of God’s unconditional love and care for all of us.  And so, we bring the needs of people - throughout the world - to our merciful and gracious God.   After each intercession, respond: Compassionate God, hear our prayers.

Presider: Healing God, you faithfully listen to our prayers.  We ask you to strengthen us in our caring for one another and in our works for justice, equality, and peace in a world without violence.  As always, we make this prayer in the names of Jesus, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Wisdom.  Amen.
Offertory Procession: Song: “I Am the Vine” – John Michael Talbot
Chorus:  I am the vine and you are the branches.
Live in me, and you will never die.
I am the vine and my God is the keeper. Come to me.  
Let the Spirit bring you life.

Like a tree, planted by the living waters,
 To stretch its roots into the living stream.
 You will show no distress, In the heat of the drought,
 But still bear fruit and live.


Come to me all you heavy laden.
 My yoke is easy, my burden is light.
I will raise you up on the wings of an eagle.
And to God’s mountain will fly. 
Preparation of the Gifts
Presider:  Blessed are you, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread to offer, this grain that the earth has given and human hands have made. It will become for us the bread of life.
All:  Blessed be God forever.
Presider:  Blessed are you, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this wine to offer, this fruit of the vine that human hands have made. It will become for us our spiritual drink.
All:  Blessed be God forever. 

Gathering of the Gifted
Presider:  Jesus, who has sat at our tables, now invites us to be guests at his family table.   
ALL:  Nurturing God, we are united in this sacrament by our common love of Jesus.  We are in communion with everyone, everywhere, who proclaims your mercy to all those who are marginalized and oppressed. May we live as prophetic witnesses to the Gospel, supported by the vision of Jesus and the wisdom of the Spirit.  Amen.
Presider:  God dwells in each one of us.                   All: Namaste!
Presider:  Let us give thanks to the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists.
All:  With hearts full of love, we give God thanks and praise.
Presider:  Holy Spirit, we realize your presence among us as we gather at his family table.
All: Fill us with reverence for you, for one another, and for all your creation.
Presider:  Let us lift up our hearts.
All:  We lift them up to the Holy One, living in us and loving through us.
Eucharistic Prayer
Voice 1:  Ever present and always caring God, we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks.  In you we live and move and have our very being.  Your Spirit dwelling in us gives us the hope of unending peace and joy with you. And so, we sing your praise…
All:  We are holy, holy, holy X3….we are whole         
Voice 2:  We thank you for the gift of Jesus in history and the gift of Jesus in faith. On earth, Jesus burned with the vision of his mission and truth. He revealed you to us through his compassionate life well lived. Jesus showed us not only how we should live, but also for what we might die.  Through him, you continue to breathe life into us. 
Voice 3:  (Place your hand on the shoulder of the person to your right) Compassionate God, let your Holy Spirit rest upon us, your people, converting us from the patterns of the world, until we conform to the shape of him whose food we now share.

All:  O God, let your Spirit of life, healing and wholeness come upon these gifts that we gathered from the fields and placed on his table -- this simple wheat and wine.  May she have them become for us the Body and Blood of Jesus, our brother.
(With an outstretched arm as we pray the consecration together.  We remember the gift that Jesus gave us on the night before he died.  He gathered with his friends to share a final Passover meal.  And it was at that supper that Jesus took bread, said the blessing and shared it with them saying: take this, all of you, and eat it.  This bread is you; this bread is me.  We are one body, the presence of God in the world.  Do this in memory of me.  [Pause]
In the same way, Jesus took a cup of wine, said the blessing and gave it to his friends saying: take this, all of you, and drink it.  This wine is you; this wine is me.  We are one blood, the presence of God in the world.  Do this in memory of me.
Presider:  Jesus, who was with God “in the beginning of the creation of the heavens and the earth,” is with us now in this bread. The Spirit, of whom the prophets spoke in history, is with us now in this cup.  Let us proclaim this mystery of faith.
All:  Christ has died.  Christ is risen.  Christ lives in us and through us in the world today.
Voice 4:  In memory of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, we offer you, God, this life-giving bread and this saving cup.  May all who share this sacred meal be brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit.  And may that Spirit, that Wisdom, that moved in Jesus move freely in our lives as well.
Voice 5:  God, remember your church throughout the world, help us grow in love, together with Francis, our Pope, Bridget Mary, our Bishop, and all your people everywhere - especially those who live on the margins of church and society. Remember also all those, living and dead, who touched our lives and left their footprints on our hearts.  We remember especially….(mention names, if you would like to).
All:  Through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, Creator God, forever and ever.  Amen (sung).
All: Our Father and Mother ……..Amen.
All:  Lord God, we have prayed that your kindom may come among us.  Open our ears to hear it, our hands to serve it, and our hearts to hold it.    Amen.
The Sign of Peace
Presider: Jesus, you said to your disciples, “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”   Look on the faith of those gathered here and ….
All: … grant us your peace.  O God, following the example of Jesus and with the strength of the Spirit, help us spread that peace throughout the world, to everyone, everywhere, no exceptions. Amen.
Presider: May the peace of God be always with us, as we join hands and sing, “Peace is Flowing Like a River”
Litany for the Breaking of Bread
Presider: Loving God…All: you call us to Spirit-filled service and to live the Gospel of non-violence for peace and justice.   We will live justly.
Presider: Loving God…All: you call us to be your presence in the world and to be bearers of forgiveness and understanding, healing and compassion everywhere in your name.  We will love tenderly.
Presider: Loving God...All: you call us to speak truth to power.  We will walk humbly with you.
Presider:  This is Jesus, who liberates, heals, and transforms us and our world.  All are invited to partake of this sacred banquet of love.  All:  We are the Body of Christ.

Communion:  Instrumental
After Communion Reflection Song:  “If Only I Could Make You Mine” – Daniel Nahmod- sung by Mindy Lou Simmons

Prayer of Thanksgiving After Communion
Presider:  Oh Holy One, may this Eucharist in which we always share Christ’s healing love deepen our oneness with you and our unity with one another.  May we work for the healing of our Earth and protect our forests from devastation.  May we be your strong branches that spreads your love and compassion to all we meet.  We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Christ, and the Spirit, our Wisdom.   All:  Amen.

Community Prayers of Gratitude and  Announcements
Closing Community Blessing
Presider:  O God of Compassion, Jesus showed us how to love one another and heal our hearts.  Through the power of your liberating Spirit at work within us, we will give and receive forgiveness, live joyously, and work for healing, justice and equality for our earth and for all your holy people.   As Jesus gave to us his peace, may we spread his peace to all peoples of the earth, everywhere; no exceptions.  And may we work for justice for all, for all of our lives. ALL:  Amen
All:  (with an outstretched arm in blessing) May we realize Emmanuel, God-in-us, and give generous expression to this wonderful gift that we all share.  May our nurturing God bless us all gathered here and all those in our communities.  We ask this in the name of the Creator, in the name of Mary’s child, and in the Name of our Wisdom as we minister to one another and to our Earth as the People of God.   Amen.   
Presiders: As we all go in the peace of Christ, let our service continue in all that we do!
ALL:   Thanks be to God. Let it be so!  Alleluja!

Concluding Hymn: “All You Works of God” – Marty Haugen
Chorus: All you works of God, Every mountain, star and tree,
Bless the One who shapes your beauty, Who has caused you all to be.
 One great song of love and grace, Ever ancient, ever new.
Raise your voices, all you works of God.

Verse 1 Sun and moon, Bless your Maker! Stars of heaven: Chant your praise!
Showers and dew: Raise up your joyful song!
Verse 2 Wind of God: Bless your Maker!
Cold and winter: Chant your praise!
 Snow storms and ice: Raise up your joyful song!
Verse 3 Night and day: Bless your Maker!
Light and darkness: Chant your praise!
Lightnings and clouds: Raise up your joyful song!


Verse 4 Wells and springs: Bless your Maker!
Seas and rivers: Chant your praise!
Whales in the deep: Raise up your joyful song!