Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : First National Retreat in Chicago, IL. from July 13th-July 16th, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Community
who attended retreat in Chicago July 13-16, 2009

Bishop Patricia Fresen ordains Janine Denomme
as a deacon on July 14, 2009
Priest: Juanita Cordero on step

Newly ordained Janine's family and friends

childhood pics of womenpriests

left to right
Priests: Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg, Mary Ellen Robertson
and Bishop Patricia Fresen

left to right
RCWP deacon Alta Jacko, Laura Singer, Board President
from Women's Ordination Conference
Barbara Zeman and Janine Denomme

left to right:
Roman Catholic Womanpriest Alice Iaquinta,
Deacon Linda Wilcox

Left to Right: Roman Catholic Womenpriests
Juanita Cordero, Suzanne Avison Thiel,
Bridget Mary Meehan

hirty-seven members of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests community gathered in Chicago from July 13th-16th for our first national retreat. We opened our hearts to one another, prayed together, and celebrated the Spirit's presence in one another and in our movement. It was a deeply moving and bonding experience and one in which we experienced God's energizing strength in making justice, full equality, and equal partnership a reality for women in our church as we serve the people of God in priestly ministry in grassroots communities in the United States. On July 14th, Bishop Patricia Fresen ordained Janine Denomme as a deacon. Janine is a liturgist and leader of one of the local Chicago parishes. She has been active in music ministry, and has conducted retreats and workshops in the local Catholic community. Janine will be a deacon in a new inclusive Roman Catholic Community in Edgewater/Chicago. For more information, contact Barbara Zeman at
On July 25th, 5:30pm, Roman Catholic Womanpriest Barbara Zeman and newly ordained deacon Janine Denomme will be celebrating a liturgy on the feast of Mary of Magdala and in memory of Patty Crowley at Kathy Osterman Beach Ardmore and Sheridan, Chicago, IL. RSVP 773-736-2562 On July 22nd, the feast of St. Mary of Magdala, I will be celebrating a liturgy in Falls Church, VA. at 7:00pm. For more information about Roman Catholic Womenpriests liturgies in your area, check our website at For more information about other liturgies in honor of Mary of Magdala, check Women's Ordination Conference

Monday, July 13, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : Janice Sevre-Duszynska's response to. "what the sisters are up to" in New York Times

from left to right, Bridget Mary Meehan and Janice Sevre-Duszynska

"What the sisters are up to"
by Francis X. Cline
New York Times

Response by Janice Sevre-Duszynska:
Dear Sisters in Faith,

In our mutual liberation movement, I walk in solidarity with you as you face patriarchal abuse of power by the Vatican.

Justice is an issue for women in all areas of life, in all movements of the Spirit, including justice in a church that excludes women from full equality, equal partnership and sacramental ministry.

On the pathway to justice for women in the world and in the church, ordination is an option. Roman Catholic Womenpriests have ordained sisters and will continue to do so. We are renewing priestly ministry in a community of equals as we renew our church.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests invite religious women who are called to ordination to claim their "Yes!" at this sacred moment.

Janice Sevre-Duszynska