Monday, January 15, 2024

January 15th issue of Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada's online magazine, The Review, at,

 The January 15th issue of Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada's online magazine, The Review, at

 rcwpcanada.altervista.orgfeatures the following original and linked articles:

  • Ironic isn’t it? Pagans following a star were open to the manifestation of God while religious leaders disregarded all the signs they had at hand
  • Senior Vatican official makes case for a married priesthood

  • The New Cosmology
    • Towards the Metahuman in 2024

  • Indigenous Relations
    • Why reintroducing bison is revitalizing the Prairies and Indigenous culture, identity

  • Gender Justice
    • Church and world must 'respect, defend, esteem' women, Pope Francis says
    • Vatican document represents Pope Francis' pastoral revolution for gay Catholics and for anyone who was wounded by draconian applications of "pastoral care."
    • So far, Latin America largely sits out furor over ‘Fiducia Supplicans’
    • African bishops say ‘no’ to blessing of same-sex unions, citing ‘scandal’
    • The Catholic bishops of France strike the right tone in their episcopal conference statement endorsing "Fiducia supplicans"

  • EcoJustice
    • Toward a new heaven, earth and humanity through the Eucharist

  • Synod 2021 - 2024
    • Synod Documents
    • Synod Coverage
    • The call to journey together
    • Beyond ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ -- Implications for the Synod, the Curia and the papacy

  • Reflections and Homilies on the Sunday Readings of the Roman Missal and the Revised Common Lectionary
  • Francis Comic Strip
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Felix Kryzanowski
Editor, RCWP Canada's The Review

"Life Is Not All Jam"- Growing Together in Difficult Situations by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

When our family emigrated from Ireland to the United States in 1956, I was enrolled in third grade in St. Thomas More School in Arlington, Virginia. I remember incidents in the  playground, in which my classmates made fun of me because of my Irish brogue.   
When I told my mother, Bridie, she reported the issue to the principal , Mother Mary Ivy, who had a conversation with the parents and the children  involved. 
My mother's words: "Alannah Mo Chroi, life is not all jam," rings true and challenges us to take action to right wrongs and deal with hurtful behavior. I think this is the reason I feel  deep compassion for immigrants who face major hurdles on so many levels in different cultures and countries.

In life, we face issues in which our first reaction may be to give up, suffer  humiliation, or remove ourselves from situation. But, painful, as it may be, we can, share our feelings, face up to what is happening and explore solutions that will address the situation. Sometimes, there may be even hidden treasures and opportunities that will help us grow to become better persons. In my case, I learned as a child, that one has to confront the situation and seek a solution that works for everyone.

Sr. Melannie Svoboda, SND offers an example of accepting people where they are in the following anecdote about life in the convent, entitled "Staying Put", that could apply to any relationship or community.

"When a second-year novice had become disillusioned with her community, she went to her novice director and complained about the other novices and vowed members as well as the ways things were being done in the community. Her novice director said jubilantly, 'At last you see our shortcomings. Now finally you can begin to love us!'” 

See her blog:

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP and Justice Activists Gather at White House for Liturgy for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

On Saturday, January 13, 2024 thousands of activists and concerned citizens came to Washington, D.C. to end U.S. complicity in the Gaza Strip.

 Kathy Boylan of the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker and I celebrated a Eucharist in front of the White House calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in The Gaza Strip. 

Each of the teddy bears on the ground had a photo, name and age of a Palestinian child killed in the crossfire. 

We were there with thousands of others for the March on Gaza to demand that President Biden end US complicity in the genocide being committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip. 

For example, the U.S. has been sending weapons and providing intelligence and most recently attacking the Houthis in Yemen as experts have been warning this could lead to a much larger war.