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Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community, Feast of Saint/Pope John XXIII and 59th Anniversary of Vatican Council II (October 11, 1962, Andrea Seabaugh & Michael Rigdon Presiding Readers: Cheryl & Jim Brandi, Lee Breyer, Janet Blakeley IT: Peg Bowen Music: Linda Lee Miller),

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Welcome! (Andrea) We warmly welcome you to our inclusive Catholic community, Mary Mother of Jesus in Sarasota, Florida. All are welcome here. We invite you to pray the liturgy where it says, All, and to sing your heart out! Many of you will unmute to read one of the four readings or one of the prayers, then mute again. Also during our shared homily and prayers of the community, we invite you to unmute to contribute, then mute again. Please have bread and wine or juice with you as we pray the Eucharistic Prayer.

Liturgy Introduction. (Michael) At MMOJ we have celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of Vatican Council II and the feast of Pope John XXIII in October many times. Since 2013 we have celebrated the official elevation of Papa Giovanni to the ranks of the saints!

Our opening prayer is the one Papa Giovanni offered at the opening of the Council on October 11, 1962. Our first reading will be from his introductory comments to those gathered for the opening session of the council. And our other three readings will be selected passages from three of the important documents approved by the Council—The Constitution on the Church, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, and the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. Today’s theme can best be expressed in our opening song: The Spirit Is A-movin’.

🎢 The Spirit is a-movin’.

(refrain) The Spirit is a-movin all over, all over this land. (x2)

People are gatherin’, the church is born;

The Spirit is a-blowin’ on a world reborn. R.

Filled with the Spirit, we are sent to serve.

We are called out together, we are called to work. R.

(Andrea) In the name of God our creator, Jesus our brother, and the Spirit our wisdom. All: Amen. 

Let us offer one another a sign of Christ’s peace. All: Namaste! The Holy One in me greets the Holy One in you! Namaste!

🎢 Prayer of St Francis

Make me a channel of your peace. 

Where there is hatred, let me bring your love. 

Where there is injury, your pardon, God, 

and where there is doubt, true faith in you. 

Make me a channel of your peace.

Where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope. 

Where there is darkness only light, 

and where there’s sadness ever joy. 

Oh God, grant that I may never seek 

so much to be consoled, as to console, 

to be understood as to understand, 

to be loved, as to love with all my soul. 

Make me a channel of your peace. 

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 

in giving of ourselves that we receive

And in dying that were born to eternal life

Reconciliation Rite. (Andrea & All): We pause now to remember times when false messages of our unworthiness have clouded our vision of the infinite Love within us. Let us imagine our imperfections, the chaos and messes of our lives all brightly lit by a love that heals and transforms us as we evolve and grow in awareness of our divinity and

our humanity. (Pause briefly. Then extend hand over heart.) 

I love you. Thank you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you. 

(Andrea) 59 years ago, Pope John XXIII offered this prayer at the

opening of the Second Vatican Council, Oct 11,1962:

Let us pray: Almighty God! In you we place all our confidence,

Look down kindly on these people of your Church.

May the light of your grace help us

in making decisions and in making laws.

Graciously hear the prayers which we offer you with unanimity of faith, voice, and mind.

O Mary, help of Christians, help of bishops,

arrange all things for a happy and helpful outcome.

With your spouse, St Joseph; the holy apostles, Peter and Paul;

St John the Baptist; and St John the Evangelist,

intercede to God for us.

Jesus Christ, our loving redeemer, to you be love and glory forever.  All: Amen

Liturgy of the Word

(Michael) We have four readings from Vatican Council II. Our response to each reading will be 🎢 The Spirit is a-movin all over, all over this land. (x2) 

(Cheryl) 1st Reading: Papa Giovanni’s Introductory Comments at the Second Vatican Council (Oct 11, 1962)

Ecumenical councils like this, whenever they gather,

are an occasion for the celebration once again

of the unity between Christ and the Church….

I confidently trust that under the light of this council

the Church will become richer in spiritual matters

and, with this new energy, will look to the future without fear,

bringing itself up-to-date where needed.

As I go about my daily work as pope, I sometimes have to listen,

with much regret, to voices of persons who,

though burning with zeal, 

are not endowed with too much sense of discretion or measure.

These people can see nothing but a decline of truth

and the ruin of the Church in these modern times.

They say that our era, in comparison with past ones, is getting worse, 

and they behave as though they had learned nothing from history,

which is, nonetheless, the teacher of life.

I feel I must disagree with these prophets of gloom

who are always forecasting disaster

as though the end of the world was at hand.

In fact, at the present time, Divine Providence is leading us 

to a new order of human relations 

which, by the very effort of the people of this time, 

is directed toward the fulfillment of God’s great plans for us.

Everything, even human differences, 

leads to a greater good for the Church….

The council now beginning rises in the Church

like daybreak, a forerunner of most splendid light.

It is now only dawn.

And already, at this first announcement of the rising day,

how much sweetness fills our heart!

(Let’s pause for a few moments to reflect)

(Michael) These are the inspired words of Papa Giovanni, and we respond 🎢

(Jim) 2nd Reading: Constitution on the Church, Christ is the Light of the nations

The most central and clear message we have for all people

emerges from the metaphor where we come to understand

that we are family.

We who claim to be the Church,

we who claim to be the Body of Christ,

must resemble Christ as much as possible.

We must take the part of the poor whenever we can;

we must defend those without power;

we must avoid seeking our own glory

and act with humility and self-sacrifice for the good of all.

The Church itself is always in need of being renewed and forgiven,

purified for its mission.

Laypeople have the obligation to constantly develop 

a more profound grasp of their Christian faith.

There are times when laypeople have a serious obligation to express

their opinions and insights about the Church.

Laypeople should be open to all the different

talents, gifts, and experiences they bring to the Church.

In order to receive what they really need,

they must express their needs and wants openly.

Pastors must give real responsibility to parishioners 

and encourage them to take initiative in their parishes.

Such authentic trust and cooperation between the laity and their spiritual leaders holds great potential for the Church.

(Let’s pause for a few moments to reflect)

(Michael) These are the inspired words of Vatican Council II, and we respond 🎢

(Lee) 3rd Reading: The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

The Liturgy is the summit toward which

the Christian life is directed

and the very source of that life to begin with…

In the Eucharist, the eternal covenant

between God and humankind is renewed

and Christ’s love is rekindled in us.

Precisely because it is so central to us,

and so important in the Christian journey,

the faithful who come to Liturgy

must be well disposed,

ready to participate, 

and actively engaged in the rites.

It is not enough simply to follow the letter of the law,

making sure that our liturgies 

are “correct” and “proper.”…

Because of their baptisms,

all the faithful have both a right and a duty

to full and active participation in the Liturgy…

There is to be more reading from Scripture,

with more variance and suitability.

Sermons should be drawn mainly from Scripture

and should proclaim God’s wonderful works,

the mystery of Christ

and the wonderful moment

that we share together at Mass…

The use of Latin is preserved

but the use of the mother tongue,

which may be of great advantage to the people,

is also permitted when requested by the local bishops…

The Church does not wish to impose

a rigid uniformity in matters where it is not necessary,

and local customs may be introduced into the Liturgy

provided they are not based on superstition or error….

We hereby call for all to enter into 

the promotion and restoration of the Liturgy with zeal!

(Let’s pause for a few moments to reflect)

(Michael) These are the inspired words of the Council fathers, and we respond 🎢 

(Janet) 4th Reading: Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

The joy and hope, the grief and anxiety of the people of this age,

especially of those who are poor or in any way afflicted:

this is the joy and hope, the grief and anxiety,

of the followers of Christ.

Indeed, nothing genuinely human

fails to raise an echo in their hearts.

The Christian community

is, after all, a community of women and men

truly linked with humankind and its history,

bearing a message of salvation

intended for all people.

This council, therefore,

having already looked in depth at the Church itself,

now turns its attention on the whole of humanity.

We want to state clearly our understanding

of the presence and function of the Church

in the world of today.

The Christian vision is that the world was created

and is sustained by God.

It was freed from the slavery of sin by Christ.

It is now being re-created and brought to its destiny

under the Holy Spirit.

We now offer to the world

the honest assistance of the Church

in fostering human harmony which is our destiny.

In this, we follow our teacher, Christ, 

who came to give witness to truth

and to serve and not be served….

In language understandable for each generation,

the Church should be able to give

a meaningful answer to questions people have

about life: both now and after death.

We must, in other words, read the signs of the times.

One of those signs

is the profound and rapid change

that is everywhere….

History speeds along on so rapid a course

that one can scarcely keep abreast of it,

and we humans have now passed

from a rather static understanding of reality

to one much more dynamic and evolutionary!

Because change occurs so rapidly today

and thought patterns differ so widely,

the Church needs to increase the activity 

of adapting herself to this age.

To do this, she calls for help

from the people living in the world

who understand these times so well….

In all this,

the Church’s assistance to the world

and the world’s assistance to the Church

there is one single intention on our part:

that God’s Reign be established

and that all men and women

be made whole.

(Let’s pause for a few moments to reflect)

(Michael) These are the inspired words of the Council fathers, and we respond 🎢

Shared Homily 

(Michael) You heard Papa Giovanni in his comments to begin the Council:

“I confidently trust that under the light of this council

the Church will become richer in spiritual matters

and, with this new energy, will look to the future without fear,

bringing itself up-to-date where needed.”

He was a joyful, hopeful, confident Church reformer. We all remember him throwing open the windows of the church to let the world in—and the Spirit out!

After 59 years, we still need his hope as we continue to reform our Church!

And a sentence from our 4th reading from the Church in the Modern World:

“Because change occurs so rapidly today

and thought patterns differ so widely,

the Church needs to increase the activity 

of adapting herself to this age.

To do this, she calls for help

from the people living in the world

who understand these times so well….”

What a remarkable new path to progress—a reciprocal process in which the Church not only teaches the world, but also learns from the world! 

Those are a few of my thoughts. Please add your comments about today’s celebration or any other thoughts you want to share with the community. 

Profession of Faith. (Cheryl & All): 

We believe in God, the creator of all, whose divinity infuses life with the sacred. 

We believe in Jesus the Christ who leads us to the fullness of humanity.

Through Christ we become new people, lifted to the fullness of life. 

We believe in Spirit Sophia, the breath of God on earth,

Who keeps the Christ vision present and infuses energy into weary spirits. 

We believe in God who is life. 

Amen to courage, to hope, to the partnership and equality all people in God’s plan. 

We believe in justice and peace for everyone. 

We surely believe in all this!

Prayers of the Community (Joan M) A few moments of silence before we bring our community prayers and offerings to the table.

We bring to the table prayers for our community and the world. (Response: Christ, you graciously hear us!) 

We bring to the table our MMOJ members who aren’t with us today. In this time of physical distancing may we find ways to remain close and connected to our family, our friends, and our community. We pray. R 

We bring to the table MMOJ members with serious and chronic health conditions, especially Diane, Mary Kay, and Donna. We pray. R

The covid pandemic continues to rage across the country. We bring to the table public health professionals and government leaders responsible for public health. May they collaborate to make wise decisions to protect our physical, emotional, and economic health. We pray. R

We bring to the table our fellow citizens who work to address our national pandemic of racism and police violence. May we support efforts to promote justice for all who suffer from systemic racism. We pray. R 

We bring to the table today the many people suffering the ravages of the fires on the west coast. We remember those who have died, those who have lost their homes and possessions, those whose health is damaged by the smoke. May we support their efforts to rebuild their lives. We pray. R 

Who and what else shall we bring to the table today? 

(Please turn your mic on to offer a prayer, then mic off.) 

Christ, we will be your presence in the world today and every day of our lives. All: Amen

Offering of Our Gifts at the table πŸ₯– 🍷

🎢 Seed Scattered and Sown.

Eucharistic Prayer. (Michael) Let us begin our Eucharistic prayer in song:

🎢🎢 We are holy.

(Jim & All): Merciful God, send your Spirit now to settle on this bread and wine, and fill them with the fullness of Jesus.

And let that same Spirit rest on us, converting us from the patterns of this passing world, until we conform to the shape of Jesus whose food we now share. Amen

We Remember Jesus (hand extended in blessing). (Janet & All): On the night before he died, while at supper with his friends, Jesus took bread πŸ₯– , said the blessing, broke the bread and gave it to them saying, Take this, all of you, and eat. This is my body which will be broken for you.” (Pause) In the same way, Jesus took the cup of wine🍷. He said the blessing, gave the cup to his friends and said, Take this all of you and drink. This is the cup of my life-blood. Do this to remember me.” 

(Lee & All): Remember, gracious God, your Church throughout the world. Make us open to receive all believers. In union with all people, may we strive to create a world where suffering is diminished, and where all people can live in health and wholeness.

Thru Christ, with Christ, in Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, all glory is yours, gracious God.   🎢 The Great Amen.

(Cheryl) Let us pray as Jesus taught his companions to pray:

(Cheryl & All): O Holy One, you are within, around, and among us.

We celebrate your many names. 

Your wisdom come, your will be done, unfolding from the depths within us.

Each day you give us all we need. 

You remind us of our limits, and we let go. 

You support us in your power, and we act with courage. 

For you are the dwelling place within us, the empowerment around us,

And the celebration among us, now and forever. Amen

(Jim & All): This is Jesus who liberates, heals and transforms us and our world. All are invited to partake of this banquet of love. We are the Body of Christ.      (All receive)

 πŸŽΆ Irish blessing, Across the Water, Bill Leslie

Prayer of Thanksgiving (Didache, Instruction, 100CE) (Michael introduction)

(Janet & All): For the thanksgiving, give thanks this way: First, for the cup: We thank you, Abba God, for the sacred vine of David your son, whose meaning you made clear to us through our brother Jesus, yours ever be the splendor. 

And for the bread fragment: We thank you, Amma God, for the life and wisdom whose meaning you made clear to us through Jesus, yours ever be the splendor. 

As this fragment was scattered high on hills, but by gathering was united into one, so let your people from earth’s ends be united into your single reign, for yours are splendor and might through Jesus Christ down the ages.

Prayer after Communion (Andrea)

We give you thanks and praise, O Holy One,

for blessing us with Papa Giovanni,

peasant by birth 

and by choice, servant of your servants,

worker for peace on earth,

brother to all people of good will.

In baptism, John put on Christ:

to love the world, to be of good cheer,

to undo the arrogant and lift up the lowly,

to speak new words to the weary.

How he lived that gospel word:

“Be cunning as serpents, simple as doves.”

How he preached the gospel word—

not proclaiming doom

but rushing—in love—to the world’s side.

Raise up in us, your people the church,

the Spirit that filled blessed John:

modest for ourselves, but bold for you,

setting off unafraid for places we have never been

and ever seeking our peace in your will.

We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother. All: Amen.

(Michael) Prayers of Thanksgiving. Introductions. Announcements.

Mutual blessing (Michael) Please raise your hand in blessing 🎢         

Rejoice and be glad! Blessed are we, holy are we! 

Rejoice and be glad! Ours is the kindom of God! x2

(Andrea) Go in the peace of Christ, let our service continue! All: Thanks be to God.

Concluding 🎢 Everyday God.


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