"But in a move that infuriated victims’ groups and put United States bishops on the defensive, it also codified “the attempted ordination of women” to the priesthood as one of the church’s most grave crimes, along with heresy, schism and pedophilia."

Monsignor Scicluna also attempted to blunt the impact of the Vatican’s linking of the attempted ordination of women with grave crimes like pedophilia.

“Sexual abuse and pornography are more grave dealings, they are an egregious violation of moral law,” he said. “Attempted ordination of women is grave, but on another level; it is a wound that is an attempt against the Catholic faith on the sacramental orders...”

For more than two decades, polls have showed that large majorities of American Catholics favor allowing women to be ordained as priests. The latest poll of American Catholics by The New York Times and CBS News, released in May, showed that 59 percent favored ordaining women, while 33 percent were opposed."Laurie Goodstein contributed reporting from New York.

The Vatican's classification of the ordination of women priests as a "crime against the sacraments" is an insult to all women who are created in the image of God. Womenpriests are not criminals, but prophets disobeying an unjust law that discriminates against women. This decree by an all-male hierarchy reflects Vatican misogyny and hostility to women priests who are ministering effectively in inclusive, vibrant grassroots communities. Roman Catholic Womenpriests are the Vatican's worst nightmare because we are gaining support among God's people and leading the church into a new era of justice and equality for women in the church. Shame on the Vatican for linking the ordination of womenpriests with grave crimes like pedophilia. This is a scandal that would make Jesus weep. Bridget Mary Meehan