Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shame on Vatican for linking women priests...with paedophilia" Bridget Mary Meehan/Irish Independent

"The Newry-based Bishop of Dromore explained that the former offence related to the sacraments and the latter to immorality, as worldwide fury over the edict continued to grow."

"The fact that a variety of issues are dealt with in one document does not imply in any context that all these issues are equivalent," he said. But last night, an Irish woman, prominent in the Roman Catholic Women Priests movement in America, accused the Vatican of misogyny."

"This decree by an all-male hierarchy reflects Vatican misogyny and hostility to women priests who are ministering effectively in inclusive, vibrant grassroots communities," said self-styled bishop Bridget Mary Meehan. She claims the number of women priests has grown from seven to more than 100 in the last eight years."

"Shame on the Vatican for linking the ordination of women priests with grave crimes like paedophilia," she added

"She will travel to Ireland next month to promote the women priests movement and will address the Humbert Summer School, in Castlebar, Co Mayo, on August 20, on the theme of Catholic Church Reform."

Irish Independent


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dtedac said...

I love the title of "self-styled bishop." I suppose if you had ordained yourself this would be accurate. The truth is that all of the women bishops can trace their succession to validly ordained bishops in the church. The comment there must be a necessary nod to the opinion of official hierarchical opinion.

I hope that you continue to spread this good news throughout the world. This is one way to bring about needed change in the Church.