Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Tone Deaf in Rome"/New York Times Editorial/Bridget Mary' Meehan,'s Response

"There was not much to like in the Vatican’s news conference this week about its pedophilia scandal, but among all the defensive posturing and inept statements, there was one real stunner: The citing of the movement for the ordination of women as a “grave crime” that Rome deems as offensive as the scandal of priests who sexually assault children.
Calls for ending the ban on women priests are only a blip on the ecclesiastical radar screen. Yet Vatican officials gratuitously raised them at the news conference, while they offered limited antidotes to the crimes of sexual abuse and the long history of bishops dithering and covering up these crimes...."

Women priests are bringing hope to millions of Catholics of a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals. We are transforming the clerical model that is "the problem" to one of partnership and equality with the people with whom we serve in our grassroots communities. (

This is the path to true reform. No wonder the Vatican demonized womenpriests by declaring our sacraments "crimes" Roman Catholic Womenpriests are the Vatican's worst nightmare because we are renewing the church from within and a growing number of Catholics like what they experience in our grassroots communities. In spite of threats of excommunication, courageous Catholics flock to our ordinations.

The Vatican needs to change the hierarchical, secretive system at the heart of clericalism. The reforms announced by Vatican are merely tinkering on the edges and avoiding real accountability and transparency. Neither the Vatican nor the bishops have "owned" their responsibility for the global sexual abuse crisis. This is the first step and the next one is to change the clerical system and make it truly accountable. Of course, all "alleged" crimes should be reported to civil authorities. What is the problem here? Abuse of clerical power which is the root cause of the cover-ups by bishops who shuffled pedophiles from parish to parish who raped and sodomized children again and again are the horrific crimes the Vatican should have addressed. They have failed miserably to reform the church and its laws. Instead they equated women's ordination with pedophilia, both are labelled "crimes". Yes, indeed, a red herring and an insult to everyone who believes in women's equality! More evidence of Vatican hostility toward womenpriests who are living Gospel equality and leading the church into its future now !
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP, 703-505-0004 ,


Anonymous said...

I am appalled by the recent actions of the Vatican. In apologizing for actions they've, yet again, managed to insult over half of their devoted followers. They were trying to focus the spotlight somewhere else and, in effect, blame women for their problems as usual. I am glad to see there is a response to the ludicrous behavior of the Pope and his council. I plan to join a church that is open to all:

Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Bridget Mary,

Good article,

After this latest pronouncement, is there is any doubt that this is a truly psychotic organization full of deluded old men suffering from a variety of mental ailments? The Vatican's reasons for maintaining its bizarre stances against women are both deeply ancient and completely deceptive.

The Vatican is being set up for a much bigger fall than most are expecting. These unfolding scandals and debacles are merely proof of their absolute lack of veracity, before the real controversy is unsealed. I am the proverbial horse's mouth and I am now gifting you with the Vatican's worst nightmare, now realized. Here's an early peek for parties like yourself, who are more likely to make good use of the information.

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Peace and Wisdom,