Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Women as Priests"/ Photos of Women of Eastern Region USA , Bishops Patricia Fresen and Joan Houk /article by Judith Levittt/NY Times

"REFORMERS within the Roman Catholic Church have been calling for the ordination of women as priests. The Vatican, however, refuses to consider the possibility and uses its power to silence those who speak out. Catholic clergy in Europe, Australia and the United States who have voiced public support for female ordination have been either dismissed or threatened with removal from administrative posts within the church..."

The Butler's Trial: A Vatican Whitewash to Protect a Powerful Cardinal(s)?/Time for Women Priests in Top Jobs Inside Vatican

Another reason we need women priests in top jobs inside the Vatican!  Is this a sham trial or what? How can the Vatican allow this travesty of justice and claim to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our modern day world? Why is the Butler's evidence not admitted? Who is the Vatican protecting and why? How about the issue of transparency and accountability? I think if Jesus was in the Vatican courtroom today, he would  be ticked off and take action to shake the hierarchy up! Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp,,

BBC Story
"Vatican judges have refused to admit key evidence in the trial of the Pope's former butler, charged with stealing sensitive documents.

Paolo Gabriele's lawyers had asked to include evidence gathered by cardinals who carried out an inquiry into the "Vatileaks" scandal for Pope Benedict.

But judges at the high-profile trial said they would rely only on evidence from the Vatican police and prosecutor.

They adjourned the case until Tuesday, when Mr Gabriele will be questioned.

The 46-year-old admitted to investigators that he had leaked confidential documents to expose "evil and corruption"..."
Trusted servant


"The first session of the Pope's butler's trial, held under heavy security inside Vatican City's only courtroom, confirmed the intention of the Vatican authorities to try to limit the fallout from the worst security breach to occur in living memory.
Secret evidence collected earlier in the year by three senior Cardinals appointed by Pope Benedict to look into the theft of papers from his own desk, theoretically one of the most secure places in the entire city state, has been disallowed by the panel of three judges.
The Vatican makes a clear-cut distinction between ecclesiastical matters dealt with by the Holy See, defined as the international headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and the ordinary administration of the tiny city state, the world's smallest sovereign state. The butler's case is being dealt with under Vatican City's criminal code, which closely follows Italian judicial procedure. If convicted, Paolo Gabriele could serve up to four years in an Italian jail under the terms of a treaty the Vatican signed with Italy during fascist times.
In other words, the Vatican is in serious damage control mode, anxious to avoid the prying eyes of world media into the rarefied world of decision makers within the Holy See.

He was identified as the source of leaked documents that were published in a book by an Italian journalist in May.

The documents included private correspondence between senior Vatican figures, and appeared to reveal bitter power struggles and corruption."

Friday, September 28, 2012

"Tell Archbishop Myers: Don't Use Communion as a Politican Weapon:. Can you sign our emergency petition right now?

Tell Archbishop Myers: Don't use communion as a political weapon.
Can you sign our emergency petition right now?
In our women priest- led communities, all are welcome to receive sacraments. The Archbishop of Newark contradicts the all-embracing love of Jesus in the Gospels. Needed immediately a renewed Roman Catholic Priesthood which embraces all. Visit and (Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp)

"We need a huge public outcry to show Archbishop John Myers that his new position is unacceptable, or we risk other bishops joining him -- and millions of faithful Catholics being denied Holy Communion. Can you sign our emergency petition right now? " (Faithful  America)

"Macon Woman Mission to Become Priest Causes Catholic Controversy"/Barbara Duff Will Be Ordained a Deacon On Oct. 20th/Hope for a Renewed Catholic Church in Macon, GA.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests " Good timing" according to Tim Padgett in TIME Magazine article today on female priesthood and the Papyrus Fragment/Jesus'Wife/Disciple

"The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests — a breakaway group founded in 2002 — sent out an e-mail yesterday announcing that its bishops will ordain six new female clerics next month. (The howl you just heard was from the archconservative Catholic League.) These ladies have nothing if not good timing: their missive immediately made me think of last week’s news from Harvard Divinity School that an early Christian text asserts Jesus was married and suggests his wife was a disciple — which would indicate women were eligible for the Catholic priesthood all along. But it also reminded me of the other reaction I usually have to these Da Vinci Code–ish historical discoveries about Jesus: So what?"...."
..."That also explains why it’s welcome to hear any historical evidence that Jesus didn’t consider clerical marriage or female ordination anathema to the religion he founded. But again, such evidence isn’t, or shouldn’t be, necessary...At a time when the Vatican, panicked by growing Catholic support for female ordination, is senselessly hounding U.S. nuns for their “radical feminism,” the latest piece of papyrus does serve as a useful reminder of how wrong Rome is in this matter. But most of us knew that long before King deciphered it."

Read more:
Meehan to TIME article by Padge
Great article! The Vatican is wrong on gender equality which includes women's ordination and they know it. Even their own scholarship does not support them. (Biblical Pontifical Commission Report of 1976)  I must point out that the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) is NOT a "breakaway group." We are faithful Catholic women leading the way toward gender equality and justice in our church, rooted in Jesus example in the Gospels and the early church tradition of women deacons, priests, and bishops! Our orders are valid because our first bishops were ordained by a male bishop with apostolic succession.
Women Priests live prophetic obedience, disobeying an unjust, man-made, canonical law that discriminates against women. 
Luke 8:1-3 points out that among Jesus disciples were Mary of Magdala, Joanna, Susanna and MANY MORE! And so it is today as we are ordained as Roman Catholic Women Priests to promote an inclusive, partnership, non-hierarchical Catholic Church. ARCWP is a holy shakeup whose time has come!
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,, 703-505-0004

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Report from Olga Lucia Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP, from Colombia, South America:"This time from Cali, with Naomi and Ruth".
"I come from Cali. I like to travel by bus, because I can, enjoy the beautiful scenery of my country. I love going through the Rio Magdalena, rice fields Tolima Valley the cane fields, smell the guava, when traveling on the Santanders, and enjoy the aroma of coffee, Caldas and Quindio ...
I felt that I sympathized with Mother Earth, I saw screaming dying of thirst, and with her children / as. The land, trees and cane fields sad and embraced by the summer heat.
Listen to the stories of Rosita, Rosalba, Amparo, Trinidad, Carmen ... wanted to see them, and we had seen on another occasion, and I think I will continue watching, whenever you can. How is it that my sisters and friends could get along without water, to meet their grandchildren / as and get some food?. How have now, a little water only once a day?.
How in the neighborhood above, have to stand in long queues at 2 in the morning, to give them a little water to bring the houses?.
They got some water, thanks to protests and solidarity obtained, despite conflicting news media. (Photo)
It was a joy to share with these women. In the midst of suffering and tensions that are experienced, hope and dreams, make us smile.
We discuss the lessons from our women in the Bible as Ruth, his solidarity with Naomi, but beyond this we discovered that these women are "transgressive" of laws that are not met and if they are in favor of widows ... We saw them (Naomi and Ruth) are mutually complicit and involve the man to make part of this fraternal complicity, they do in hiding, because everything came to light, was approved by the community that are meeting in the outskirts of town, without legal or institutional intermediaries.
It is the Word of the Godhead, who gives us life, strength, enthusiasm and zest for life!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Following Gospel Tradition of Female Disciples, Six Women to Be Ordained in Atlanta, Georgia on October 20, 2012/ARCWP Press Release

September 24, 2012
Contact: Janice Sevre-Duszynska, 859-684-4247,
Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, 703-505-0004,
Celebration of Priestly Ordination for:
Diane Dougherty of Newnan, GA, 770-683-8101, 678-857-7146,
Celebration of Ordination to the Diaconate for:
Barbara Anne Duff of Macon, GA, 478-718-0613,
Debra Meyers of Batavia, OH, 513-735-2876,
Joleane Presley of Manassas, VA, 410-900-3998,
Rosemarie Smead of Bedford, KY, 502-663-1237,
Irene Scaramazza of Columbus, OH, 614-357-0626,
“She will be able to be my disciple,” Jesus says in the recently announced discovery of a Coptic fourth century papyrus. See:
Today, women priests continue to follow the tradition of women disciples living and preaching the Gospel taught to them by Jesus.
On Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. Diane Dougherty (Newnan, Georgia) will be ordained a priest in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) Barbara Anne Duff (Macon,GA), Debra Meyers (Batavia, OH), Joleane Presley (Manassas, Va), Rosemarie Smead (Bedford, KY), and Irene Scaramazza (Columbus, OH) will be ordained deacons in ARCWP. The presiding bishop will be Bridget Mary Meehan of Falls Church, Virginia and Sarasota, Florida. A warm welcome has been given by Pastor Paul Graetz and The First Metropolitan Community Church, an Inclusive Christian Community. The ceremony will take place there at 1 p.m., 1379 Tullie Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30329. All are welcome.
Media are invited to a pre-ordination press conference on Friday, October 19, at 1:00 p.m. at the church with the candidates and Bridget Mary Meehan. Call Janice (859-684-4247) to schedule an interview.
The candidates are theologically prepared and have many years of experience in ministry. Diane Dougherty, an educator and native of Ohio, served Catholic communities as a Sister of Humility of Mary for 23 years. As a lay ecclesial minister she served in Catholic schools and parishes as a master educator and catechist and in the Religious Education and Faith Formation office for the Archdiocese of Atlanta. "I consider my journey toward priesthood as the next phase in my vocation to serve within the Catholic tradition, said Dougherty. By becoming a woman priest my original call to serve Christ through the church is fulfilled and I hope my ordination will open the door to the many women Christ is calling to serve."
A former Maryknoll Sister and educator, Barbara Anne Duff has retired after a nursing career in VA hospitals. A wife, grandmother and author, Debra Meyers, teaches history and women's studies at Northern Kentucky University. Joleane Presley, a wife and senior hospital chaplain, provides pastoral care to patients recovering from physical disabilities. A former Catholic sister for 21 years, Irene Scaramazza has worked as an educator, community mental health counselor, hospice chaplain and spiritual director who leads home liturgies. Dr. Rosemarie Smead, a former Discalced Carmelite nun is a retired professor and family therapist who has written six books and videos on training therapists to work with youth.
The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests rejoices in a “holy shakeup” that millions of Catholics worldwide welcome. The good news now is that male priests, bishops, a cardinal as well as theologians have expressed their support of female priests. They are following in the footsteps of Maryknoll Roy Bourgeois whose prophetic call for a dialogue on women priests is being heard in more and more places today in our Church.
“Nothing can stop the movement of the spirit toward human rights, justice and equality in our world and in our Church,” said Bridget Mary Meehan. “The full equality of women is the voice of God in our time.”
The Women Priests movement in the Roman Catholic Church advocates a new model of priestly ministry united with the people with whom we minister. We stand in prophetic obedience to Jesus who calls women and men to be disciples and equals. The movement began with the ordination of seven women on the Danube in 2002. Today there are over 140 in the movement worldwide. ARCWP is in the United States and Latin America. Our specific charism within the broader global Roman Catholic Women Priests initiative is to live Gospel equality and justice for women in the Church and in society now. We work in solidarity with the poor and marginalized for transformative justice in partnership with all believers. Our vision is to live as a community of equals in decision making both as an organization and within all our faith communities. We advocate the renewal of the vision of Jesus in the Gospel in our Church and world.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic House Church Celebrates Liturgy on Sundays at 10:30 A.M.

Today we were blessed with visitors from Charlottesville, VA. 
On Sundays at 10:30 A.M., we celebrate liturgy with my Dad, who is being treated by Hospice Capital Caring and Comfort, his care-giver. If you are in N.VA. area and would like to attend, contact me at

Kristen, Erik, BMM, Theresa, Mary, Bill