Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Judy Lee ordained a deacon by Bishop Dana Reynolds

Judy Lee was ordained a deacon by Dana Reynolds, the first U.S. Roman Catholic Womanbishop,
on April 30th in California. Two other women were ordained at this ceremony.
Judy Lee wrote this poem:
The breeze blew gently Through the open doors
And windows of the blessed House that was a sacred church,
Either way a place establishedAnd maintained by love alone,
Bathed in sunlight and nestled In the green brown California hills
Where we ate dinner outside the Night before,
Scented by mountain flowers and aTouch of the Pacific Ocean below
Where surfers in wetsuits catch the Waves and children dance and play.
And a deep orange monarch butterfly Released yesterday by one of us,
Returned and lingeredFor a moment at the window.
Surrounded by a crowd of lovingWitnesses from forever long and now
Welcomed with arms and hearts,
And the voices of angels,
Three women from West, Central And Southern States,And East long before that,
Different as they could be United in purpose and call,
Came to make their vows-
To read, believe and Practice what they teach
And serve the poor and sick
And all who need the love Of Christ out at the margins
Where Jesus met people
And transformed their lives.
Facing a front window where Purple, yellow and red flowers
Swayed gently to the musicThat enveloped them, And all of us,
Vene Sanctus Spiritus,Vene Sancta Spirita,
We three sat expectantly as Sophia Love came gently
To our midst saying softly
Here I Am, are you ready?
And each one rose and said herYes and Amen seven fold.
And the women priests proclaimedThe word with joy and strength,
And our gentle deep womanBishop who had taken the time
And care to know each one of us
And call us in the depth of Our souls, stepped forth andTaught, and blessed and ordained.
All women and men present,All beloved and loving,
Placed their hands upon Our heads in sacred silence.
And tears rolled down our faces
As the empty places were filled
With such love and we saw those Who had gone before get in line
And bless us like the rest,And if we ever doubted the Real presence in the bread and wine,
We never will again.
We, women, are the body of Christ,
And the presence of Jesus in a Broken world,
We, the renewed church
And the servants called womenpriestsAnd deacons hold the Christ light high
And walk the path that Jesus walked,
With Godde’s precious people
,Dancing and swaying and sometimes
Playing a tambourine with multicoloredRibbons in double time syncopation
And joy! Amen, Amen

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Roman Catholic Womenpriests celebrate ordinations in Winona

Dear Sisters and Brothers of RCWP,It is with great joy that I announce the Second priestly ordination and the third diaconate ordination for the Midwest Region. Kathy Redig was ordained a priest on the anniversary of her first communion. Mary Smith and Barbara Zeman were ordained as deacons. Bishop Patricia Fresen ordained and Regina Nicolosi and Alice Iaquinta concelebrated and Judith McKloskey assisted at the altar. Linda Wilcox, Alta Jacko, and Mary Styne served as acolytes. The 260 witnesses joyfully and enthusiastically supported the ordination which was held at Winona State University. Victoria Rue did a wonderful job as M.C. Dagmar Celeste was unable to attend, but was with us in Spirit. We were blessed with excellent musicians, a wonderful site and support persons and great weather. Many volunteers contributed to making the event memorable for us all. Each ordinand wore a handmade stole that carried symbolic meaning for each of them: Kathy's was handwoven by a friend she was in the convent with years ago; Barbara's was created by her from her Grandfather's silk scarf and embroidered with ordination symbols; and Mary's silk stole was hand painted by her sister with symbols of the fire of the Holy Spirit on one side and the waters of creation and baptism on the other. Eucharist was distributed in patens and chalices that were lent to us by the many local clergy of Winona who supported us. Large banners were handmade for Kathy by a friend to use in her future church, which will be called, "All are One." The banners read, "Here we are! We are Ready!" Kathy's husband Robert, crafted the beautiful pine altar from a tree that he and Kathy felled themselves, from their own woods. It too will find its future home in the church they are forming in Winona. This ordination was a communal endeavor in every aspect for all. Tears of joy, many, many hugs, and the g race of the Holy Spirit was with us all.You can contact the newly ordained at:
Barbara Zeman
We of the Midwest send our love and blessings to all those who will be ordained in Canada in the coming weeks and to all who have been and will be ordained in the United States this year. May the peace of our brother, Jesus the Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of our God be with you all.smiles, hugs, blessings and love,
alice iaquinta, Midwest Co-administrator