Monday, July 21, 2008

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Ordained in Boston on July 20, 2008

You could the feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the joyful prayer and affirmations of the people gathered in Church of the Covenant. Congratulations to Gloria Carpeneto from Baltimore MD, Judy Lee from Ft. Myers, Fl, Gabriella Velardi Ward from NY, New York and Mary Ann Schoettly from Newton, New Jersey! They were radiant as were Bishops: Dana Reynolds from California and Ida Raming from Stuggart, Germany. Juanita Cordero from CA was in the middle taking care of holding books etc. Jean Marchant and Ron Hindenberg from Boston were mc's. Hope you can feel the joy in the youtube movie!!
All media covered, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN. TV and print press coverage started on Friday, continued on Sat. and a large group came on Sunday. On Sat. the story of the women's ordination ran on the CNN headline news and repeated every 15 minutes.The Boston Globe did an article on Friday and Monday .The Boston Herald was present also. As you find clips, and links, please send them to me at
May your day be grace-filled.
Bridget Mary


Unknown said...

Why was the ceremony not conducted in a Catholic Church?

Cliff Notes said...

Good question, you would have to be Catholic for that.

Sam said...

Incredible - I think that we need more women ordained in whichever religion they prefer to follow - God does not only call men to follow him.

Just one thing - I am currently struggling with 1 Timothy 2:12 - how can I justify what the Bible says against what I personally feel should happen?

Cliff Notes said...

If you try to walk around 1 Timothy 2:12, why dont you try reading 2 Timothy 4:3

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

When you can read the bible and feel that you have to justify your own feelings. Then skip to another verse to make your own judgment of how you want to justify your own answer- then your simply trying to make your own answers and that's not how it works. Jesus did not leave these teaching for us to skip and make up our own answers- but to understand his teachings. The bible is not for us to look for answers that we want to here because of your own personal feelings. When you read the bible devoutly and spiritually the words that your read have to be from the way Jesus wants us to interpret them not by how we should justify our own will to satisfy us. When you read the verse of 1 Timothy 2:12 it simply states what it says. Mother Theresa states it best-Mary, the mother would have made the best priest of us all; yet she called herself, and remained, the handmaid of the Lord. This feminine devotion to the divine mother is a woman's way to the heart of Christ. God Bless you!!