Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests; Reflection on the House Church: Fodder for "Traditionalists"

Fodder for “Traditionalists”
The House Church
was the beginning of

It provided space
for Preaching the Word,
for Worship,
for social and Eucharistic
table sharing.

The House Church
provided Equal Opportunity
for Women;
The house traditionally was considered women’s sphere
and women were not excluded from activities
in the house and
in the House Church.

Women played an important part
in the founding,
in the sustaining,
in the promoting of
House Churches.

The earliest Christian manuscripts
give us strong historical evidence
for coequal roles of women and men
in infant Church.

There are no more distinctions between . . .
male and female,
all are in Christ, Jesus.

So, indeed,
be a traditionalist and
forsake the hierarchical discrimination
against women.

Love, John Chuchman

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